Tuesday, December 07, 2004

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I am working my ASS off. At least at work. I should start doing the same at the gym. My suburban lifestyle is sneaking up on my figure. My resolution for 2005, aside from being to spend next new year's eve in a foreign country is to lose 10 lbs. My going record for New Year's resolutions isn't so hot. Every year I resolve to spend the next New Year's Eve in a foreign country and every year I'm still counting the strokes of midnight in the states. This does not bode well for the 10 lbs.

Christmas is already looking busy. It's only December 8th and I've already attended 2 parties. My friend Anne's birthday was spent in a fabulous restaurant in North Beach called The Steps of Rome. Every woman should spend their birthday there. It's full of loud, pumping Italian dance music, incredibly hot Italian waiters who will dance for you when they deliver your birthday tiramisu. Not only will they shimmy on top of you, they will lick tirmisu off of your neck and give you lots of kisses. My lucky friend Anne was fortunate enough to have 3 hot Italian men wishing her a very happy birthday. Go there yourself. It's near the corner of Broadway and Columbus - the good food is a perk in light of the titilating atmosphere! I've got to post some pictures of that event!

Quote of the evening: Italian waiter to my friend Anne before her birthday lap dance "You're screwed, my friends and I think you're very hot!"

As for the crafting. knitting needles have been glued to my hand like a cigarette between the fingers of a pouty French teenager. I can't get enough of it. I am jealous of the people who will be gifted with the fruit of my handiwork. Oh how I enjoyed making these gifts. Why can't I have four hands so I can knit two projects simultaneously, or better yet so that I could quilt and knit at the same time? Imagine what kind of productivity women could achieve with additional limbs. Is someone looking into a way of genetically achieving that?

Is it possible that I really don't have anything interesting to say tonight? Inconceivable! I don't know. I'm just happy. I look back at the last year and it was AMAZING. I got to travel quite a bit. I saw a lot of my family. I am doing well at my job. I got married. The Boston Red Sox won the world series. Of course nothing can't ever be perfect and I wouldn't want it to be. There have been some tragedies. The Bush administration among them. My brother in law's death the most terrible tragedy of the year. Our lives must be tempered with the sad for we would never know how good we have it if we were happy all of the time. We musn't take life for granted. That is my lesson for the year.

bon soir mes amis...

Life Dream #1: Spend a year living in France...
Life Dream #2: Make a feature film
Life Dream #3: Own a store
Life Dream #4: Have children
Life Dream #5: Build a swanky house
Life Dream #6: Travel throughout the world
Life Dream #7: Sell a piece of artwork

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