Sunday, July 31, 2005

New Object Madness


Do you hear that sound? That's the sound of me relaxing. Don't know why, but this has been the first weekend in AGES where I've done nothing but crafts all weekend long. I've barely even left the house. I feel genuinely rested for the first time in months. Considering how many crafts I've tackled, you'd think I'd be a bit tired.

Of course I've been intending to work on the quilt all weekend long. Call it procrastination, call it compulsive inspiration. I found myself hounding my leftover stash of Musuem yarn from the flower basket bag. I was never happy with the outcome of that project. It was way too wonky. So I tried it again and this time it was better. I knit this smaller version in a day and felted it at about midnight last night. Who knew that hand felting could be so satisfying? My arms are a little sore from all of the squeezing.

Yes I know it doesn't seem like I've learned much. My edges could still be a bit neater, but it will probably look better once I've sewn the flowers on. And I'm planning to sew a lining inside.

Of course never one to be happy with starting just one project, in order to fully avoid the ones I'm working on now, I've also started a snazzy scarf. Made with Berroco Gem (ooo pricey ouch) and SWTC phoenix, it's going to be a dropped stitch affair. Just casting on brough a sense of zen to my well being.

I'm also working on another crystal palace chenille flower washcloth. The first one I made grew on me so I'm making another. AND I just bought a stash of the stuff on Ebay so you can imagine there's going to be more on the horizon.

So what are we avoiding? The quilt of course, but after this post I will be attacking the quilt for the rest of the day. I can't decide which movie to watch while I'm working. I have this library of films, but I've seen them all a million times. I'm leaning towards Moulin Rouge.

Before I forget I wanted to share with you the gorgeous package I received from FRANCE from the tres tres magnifique Cecille, my SP4 secret pal. She is so sweet. I wish I lived in France so that we could hang out and make things together. She also made me this AMAZING card with a little piece of knitting on it with two little toothpicks for knitting needles. It's not in the photo b/c I have it hangint at work to remind me of my true love of knitting.

Here's what I plan to do with the yarn, hopefully I can get it to the correct gauge!:

Thank you Cecile. Tu es la plus sympatique tricoteuse du monde! J'espere qu'on va au cafe a paris un jour avec nos projets.

Au revoir mes amis et joyeux tricoter (goodbye my friends and happy knitting!)


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Am I Sleeping Yet?


Busy Busy times.

Have you ever worked overtime and come home to find your favorite show is on?

So Graham Norton is the best thing to watch after a long day at work.

I'm so busy that I haven't even had time to take photos of the bountiful gift from my friend Cecile, please visit her blog, her craftiness will wow you and thoughtfulness will inspire you. I can't wait to share it with you. There was a fabu French magazine, some luscious cotton yarn, a fountain pen among other wonderful things. Thank you cecile, I'm so glad we've met.

On to the crafts... since I worked so late tonight I didn't get a chance to work on the quilt. We only have another month or so left until the quilt show and I still have to sew in all the little bits and sew on the binding. I'm almost done with the binding. It will be finished this weekend and hopefull all those pesky ends will be finished within two weeks. I'm just going to have to rent a heap of movies (any suggestions?) and glue my gluteus maximus to the sofa.

I've been doing some knitting, though I've limited myself to simple projects. I'm making another chenille flower washcloth to prove that I can do it correctly. I've enjoyed working with the chenille so much that I bought a stash of it on Ebay this week. I'm also figuring out how to make other shapes like hearts and stars. Suddenly I get the feeling that lots of people will be getting washcloths for Christmas.

hardy har har.

good night


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

We pause for a commercial break

The folks at Maran Illustrated were kind enough to send me a complimentary copy of their knitting and crocheting how-to book. I wasn't expecting to like it because frankly, to me it's not very aesthetically pleasing. Don't get me wrong, the knitting and crocheting illustrations are excellent, however the use of color and the photography aren't so good. However, I will take excellent illustrated instruction over aesthetics any day.

This is the first book that showed me multiple ways to weave in ends, to make cast-ons and to increase. Anytime I have a question on a pattern this will be my go-to book. It's like a knitting bible. I would liken it to a textbook for its factual and detailed approach. Everybody's got a million pretty knitting books with lucious photos and interesting anecdotes and tasty projects, but Maran's Illustrated Guide to Knitting and Crocheting will be the book I use to figure out how to actually knit.

If you need a book to help you figure out some of those tricky knitting techniques: look no further: Maran Illustrated

Grenadine Girl

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Real Retail Therapy

I have discovered a NEW LYS!!!!

For those of you who don't knit, an LYS is a Local Yarn Store and one just opened a short distance from my office. I had stopped by there while it was still in its construction stages and I was a little unsure. It was filled up with the nicest yarns, the rowans, the debbie blisses. This store had every potential of being one of those snotty yarn shops. Its in a wealthy area, there are alot of other good, but low key yarn shops in the region. However I'm totally thrilled. The manager and proprietor are enthusiastic and friendly and even invited me to knit in the store whenever I wanted. And man do they have comfy couches? I have found yarn haven!

Studio Knit

Ahhh to be writing about knitting again...


Monday, July 18, 2005

Too Busy for Crafting


I can't really complain the weekend was very action-packed. I went to a short film screening on Friday night followed by a late night gelato run.

Saturday my brothers and cousins came for a visit and stayed the night. It was crazy with all those people in the house AND I got my Harry Potter book which I managed to read while everyone else was playing drunken Monopoly. The Harry Potter book was finished by Sunday morning, which was riveting to say the least. I can't wait for the next book and I wonder where I will be when it comes out. When the last one came out two years ago I was living in an apartment by the bay. I can't believe that was two years ago!

Aside from finishing the Harry Potter book, I also cooked waffles for my entire family, no mean feat. Then after everyone left I took off into the city (with too much traffic) to meet my friend Lija for a screening of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Apparently its the Harry Potter Charlie Bucket weekend. By the time I got home Sunday night I was too knackered to do anything but laze around on the couch.

Anyhoo. I liked the Charlie movie, however Johnny Depp's performance was a little too Marilyn Manson. I prefer Gene Wilder. Johnny's performance took away the humanity of Wonka and just turned him into a freak. This isn't surprising considering Tim Burton's affinity for freaks, but the story isn't about a man who doesn't fit into society. The story is about family and making Wonka an all-out freak just raises questions that Wonka's background doesn't resolve. Sadly this results in a cariacature performance. All the other performances are spot-on. I fell in love with every character despite their inherent flaws and who didn't melt for Charlie's entire family? I'm already a HUGE fan of Noah Taylor's work. He was Charlie's dad in CATCF, but was also in Shine, Almost Famous, Vanilla Sky, and Tomb Raider. Please put him in more movies. He's a solid actor and nice on the eyes. I also liked Helena Bonham Carter's work. I think she even wore fake teeth. She made a charming mum.

Anyway I was too busy to craft anything so no photos...

Grenadine Girl

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I did it

I just mailed out my application for the Marin Needle Arts Guild Quilt Fair... now I just have to finish the quilt!



Tuesday, July 12, 2005

New View

Yay! I got a new cubical at work and I have a window!

I am absolutely shocked at all of the interesting things I see on my hohum industrial street.

I saw my friend Ren riding a bike.
I saw a three legged dog.

And I'm pleased to discover that I can see the bay from my chair.

Ahhh instant calm.

La Fille Grenadine

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Summer Stuff

Hello Friends,

It's that time where I write a post to update my family abroad on the happenings of me and Mr. Grenadine.

We've been getting used to the cat:

We've been having high tea in the living room:

And I've finished a small knitting project: a flower shaped chenille washcloth (without a row counter, I've managed to knit too many rows in the center so it's a bit floppy) but I'm still proud of it.

Overall it's been a good summer. I took a walk around the block, found some sale fabrics at Joann's (one of my rules is that you can't say no to $3/yard fabrics) I've also been feverishly laboring over the Freckle Quilt because the Marin Quilt Fair deadline is coming up soon. I'm a little concerned b/c I'm a beginning quilter and I machined quilted it myself and with everything I make it's a little wanky. Can somebody remind me to apply for this thing because my procrastination will prevent me from entering. I don't know because if I do enter and don't get in, I'll be discouraged from quilting and I've bought so much fabric that I just can't afford to give up the habit.

Anyway happy crafting to all and to all a great night.


Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Bombings

I'm totally sick that this has happened. I don't know what to make of it. Can we stop terrorism? I don't know. This is heartbreaking. These people think they have morals? The terrorists are barbarians.

My heart goes out to Muslims who are not affliated with terrorism in any way. Their lives have also been made more difficult. My thoughts will be with Britain. Please think of them too.

Also, ignore the American Media, go to BBC. The american media doesn't know anything and they're playing COMMERCIALS between reports. This is as shocking as 911 and I'm disgusted that our media doesn't find this news as important as that.


Monday, July 04, 2005

Friday, July 01, 2005

And back to the knitting

As we speak, there is a new addition coming to the GrenadineGirl Household. Yes Mr. Grenadine and I are expecting... A NEW CAT!!!

I havent had a cat in over a decade. I'm a little concerned because I'm rescuing a cat who would otherwise be needing a home. Her name is M and she's a devon rex. This is going to be interesting because Mr. Grenadine doesn't like cats so much and apparently this cat really likes humans. She likes plenty of attention and I hope that Luke and I can provide that.

Aside from that nothin much is new. I heard from my secret pal. Please think good thoughts for her, she recently lost her job. I'm hoping that good things will happen for her, because she is so creative. I mean, just look at the amazing little packages she sent me. Most of them were made by her. She took the photos, made the postcards and the custest little stitchmarkers! She has me ready to break out my bead box again.

I also have a finished project and a project in progress to show you:

Remember that afghan that I keep talking about, but I've never shown? Well, here it is, a series of garter stitch blocks that will be sewed together. I'm using Plymouth Encore Chunky, which is very soft. The blue skeins you see in the photo will provide contrasting blocks. Eventually it's going to look like a checkboard. I'm giving it away, but it's so cozy that its not going to be easy.

I just have to block it!

As Requested, More Photos of Me in a Wig:

More Party People

That party was just too much fun. You can tell I'm having a rowdy 4th of July weekend because I'm blogging. NOT!