Sunday, July 10, 2005

Summer Stuff

Hello Friends,

It's that time where I write a post to update my family abroad on the happenings of me and Mr. Grenadine.

We've been getting used to the cat:

We've been having high tea in the living room:

And I've finished a small knitting project: a flower shaped chenille washcloth (without a row counter, I've managed to knit too many rows in the center so it's a bit floppy) but I'm still proud of it.

Overall it's been a good summer. I took a walk around the block, found some sale fabrics at Joann's (one of my rules is that you can't say no to $3/yard fabrics) I've also been feverishly laboring over the Freckle Quilt because the Marin Quilt Fair deadline is coming up soon. I'm a little concerned b/c I'm a beginning quilter and I machined quilted it myself and with everything I make it's a little wanky. Can somebody remind me to apply for this thing because my procrastination will prevent me from entering. I don't know because if I do enter and don't get in, I'll be discouraged from quilting and I've bought so much fabric that I just can't afford to give up the habit.

Anyway happy crafting to all and to all a great night.


1 comment:

K said...

yes! enter your quilt. And if you don't get in, then who cares. You craft cause it rocks, not for approval :D