Tuesday, December 27, 2005

more photos

let's try this again

I have tried repeatedly to put photos on the site, but it's taking me forever...

Let's see if I can summerize the trip simply...

arrived in Australia
hung out at Bondi beach for an afternoon
drove to Canberra
Spent a few days with family in Canberra
Went shopping in Canberra
Flew to Brisbane
Took ferry to Moreton Island to Tangalooma Resort
Spent 5 days on island snorkeling, drinking, and swimming
took ferry back to Brisbane and spent a day with Luke's friends Russel, Rachel, Jessie and Elijah
Went shopping in Brisbane
Flew back to Canberra
Christmas Shopping Bonanza and impromptu Aussie wedding planning commences
Christmas Eve and Aussie Wedding
Christmas Day
Boxing Day (another shopping bonanza)
Got Pedicure with Tegan
Learned to Cook with Oma and Opa
Tomorrow we'll go to the CBD (Central Business District, aka "Civic") where more shopping will commence and I will have the much longed for cappucino at Gus'

Then it's off to Sydney for NYE!!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005


sorry noposts im on an islandhoneymoon on acrap internetkiosk

thisiswherei am


see ya nextweek

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I love to travel

We're here and 48 hours in I've already had such a good time. There's been sumptuous beachside meals, trendy Bondi shopping, cutie babies, happy families and GORGEOUS VIEWS!!!!!

It was raining in Sydney when we landed. Mr. G's childhood friend Andrew picked us up and we had an adventure in "The Beast" this great double cab pick up truck. I say adventure because there wasn't any cover for our luggage in the back of the truck and it was raining, but fortunately it didn't rain much. Our friends live in Bondi, which is this GORGEOUS section of Sydney at the beach. We dropped off our luggage and went to Bronte Beach for brekkie. I had what could be the best eggs benedict ever, with an excellent view to boot.

The Australian beach has bountiful waves and the most calming shade of cerulean blue. I am on vacation. yum.

Mr G's family met us at Andrew's house and we went together to Bondi Beach and had lunch at the Iceburg's, arguably, the best situated club in all of Australia. I had a green salad and shared some of my mother-in-law's (we'll call her Mrs. D) caesar salad, which was out of this world with juicy fresh chicken, hard boiled eggs and Aussie bacon. yum yum yum. I dragged Mrs D and my sister in law Miss T. to where I thought the Skipping Girl shop was, but it's not there anymore. MAJOR BUMMER, however a few more trendy stores have popped up around the neighborhood and I found a cute t-shirt and a pair of dream espadrilles made in Italy. God bless the exchange rate!!!!

We drove from Sydney to Canberra, which I slept most of the way. We stopped at a rest stop and witnessed 3 men in kilts eating meat pies. Wish I had a photo.

I am happy and relaxed and I can finally hear myself think again. Freedom. I can understand myself a bit more. Things are going to change.

Love to the world,
Grenadine Girl

photos to post soon

Friday, December 09, 2005

Moving Right Along...


Australia or Bust!