Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Katawhatta Damashki?

So today was my first day at Fabulous Yarn Company.

Much like the first day of school, I was wrought with nervousness. What should I wear? Are my new coworkers going to like me? Will I get lost on my way there? But of course, everything was fine. Everybody's very sweet and easy going. I feel right at home already. Dream come true.

So now that my career's been figured out I have another life-issue to tackle. My health. I have been in dire need of exercise, especially since I am a die hard knitter. Apparently knitting does not count as aerobic exercise. So I made a commitment to myself to do yoga in my living room every morning Monday through Friday. and I feel a lot better for it. There are no excuses. If I can achieve finding a job in the yarn industry, I can achieve fitness through yoga.

wow I can't believe it. As I type Mr. G is trying out some yoga poses.

I must be doing something right.

In knitting news I've finished and blocked all of the pieces of Major. I just have to find the time and concentration to seam them.

I'm designing a felted bag. It's going to be a satchel. Very cute.

Also I saw Izzy Tart on the freeway, she saw me and waved me over and we checked out her new house and she showed me this awesome video game Katamari Damashi. I'm already hooked. As if I don't have enough free time as it is.

(editor's note: the video game suddenly reminds me of that Star Trek the Next Generation episode where Riker goes to Planet Raiesa and gets addicted to this video game that controls his brain, which he brings back to the ship and gets everyone else addicted, to the point where Wesley and Data have to save the day- Izzy what have you done to me????)


Friday, May 26, 2006

Memorial Day Traffic

So I was coming home from my mom's house and I had to bring the cat home. The cat was on a kitty vacation at the cat equivalent to kitty club med. No, we didn't leave her at a kennel. We left her with my parents who spoiled her rotten. She was fed treats multiple times a day, allowed to drink from the bathroom faucet and was entertained with kitty toys. No wonder she didn't enjoy the trip home.

I don't mind driving with the cat, but she's rather picky about music. She doesn't like oldies music. She doesn't like modern rock, but boy does she love Madonna. I guess she really is my kind of cat.

Further proof: she hates Neil Diamond.

Or maybe I'm wrong, perhaps she was actually singing along?



Thursday, May 25, 2006

Introspection day

I was supposed to get up early to go to the de Young Museum. I overslept. Cleaned the kitchen. Visited my old job. It was good to see everyone. Especially Yoyo's Ma who found a way to sneak an International Male into my medicine cabinet.

ha ha very funny.

One of these days I'll get her back. When she's least expecting it.

I went downtown for a spa appointment and managed to check out H and M. I must officially be getting old. This store is supposed to be the be-all and end-all of stylish inexpensive shopping, but I couldn't find much. I bought one denim skirt and that's it. Everything else looked cheap, unironed and ill-fitting. Perhaps this is the point, but even the low prices are too pricey for what they're selling.

And I noticed that they closed the Lush store on Powell?? When did that happen? Great product, but rather pricey. Bummer.

So I'm with the Locklady right now and we're going out to dinner and possibly to a movie. Then we're going shopping.

And no, you won't be seeing me at HandM.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Three Cheers for Grandma

She was recently voted Library Volunteer of the year!!!!

My grandparents have provided such a good example of service. Hopefully I will be able to donate my time like them once I'm retired.

Grenadine Girl

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Knitting world cup update

Howdy Friends,

We have six members of the Knitting World Cup so far. If you're wanting to get into soccer, or find something interesting to do while you're significant other watches soccer this summer, join on in. We're knitting for charity! There will be prizes and awards!

Deadline for entry is June 8th.

PS anyone who would like to design buttons or a medal would be highly honored.


Monday, May 22, 2006

Can You Do Me a Flavor?

Please Visit The Queen.

She's not feeling well.

I've tried convincing her that yarn can fix anything and everything.

But maybe you can help too.


First Day of Rest

Howdy Friends,

Busy first day. I was planning to do nothing around the house, but I didn't want to start off being lazy so I shot an email to Warren to see if we could hang out in the city today. Moments later I got a phone call on ye olde cell phone (Warren has The Safety Dance as his identifying ring tone) and off we went to the city, first grabbing a tasty lunch at Pluto's. I had an excellent salad with apples, grapes, sunflower seeds, blue cheese and chicken with a diet coke. YUM! Then we stopped by the Golden Gate Park Botanical Gardens where Warren showed me what his garden would look like:

Please note that Warren's sock is covering a rock with a face carved on it.

After our forway into the urban wilderness, we made it to Artfibers where I bought two skeins of alfabeta to make a lacy scarf. I absolutely could not resist the beautiful colorways of pinks, greens and greys in the silk and kid merino blend. yummy yummy yummy. Even if it meant that Warren disliked me for 26 minutes (a minute for every dollar spent at another yarn store). fortunately he softened up after we had a bit of cheesecake at a swanky cafe. Then we lounged around Union Square, knitting in public. It was a beautiful day, blue skies and wispy clouds. We are lucky to live in the Bay Area.

Also I've just updated the Knitting World Cup.... join in for some charitable knitting.


Oh Yeah did I Mention I Knit?

Hello All,

Now that I have some time off I can actually show you what I've been knitting.

Sorry I didn't mention this sooner, but I made my mom a clapotis out of Lion and Lamb for her birthday. I couldn't really post it on here because that would ruin the surprise.

Since I've finished that I now have five projects in progress:

"Major" from Rowans The Next Big Thing. It knits up faster than nascar. Give me a Project Runway Marathon and I'll have it finished this week.

This is a project made from GGH's Taj Mahal, which is like buttah to work with. MFA knitters will know what it is, but I am not yet at liberty to specify what this knitted rectangle will turn into:

This snake like thing is actually Beau from Rowan's Big Just Got Bigger. Now what am I knitting a heap of big wool? Because Warren had it on sale last winter and there were a few patterns I was dying to try and I made a deal with myself that I could buy yarn again once I finished knitting all of the big wool I have. Bear in mind that I have two more big wool projects I haven't even touched yet.

Last but not least is the random cotton skinny scarf I'm making from the RY Classic Art Book:

Only I'm not doing it in stripes...

There's also a sock project in the works but the photo came out all goofy, but it's made with hand jive odd duck in dark fuschia and I'm enjoying it. At this rate I should be able to buy yarn again in July.

Let's see how many projects I finish by the end of this week!

Grenadine Girl

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Au Revoir

Nothing says farewell quite like cheese.

Someone must have heard me at work mention that I love cheese more than I love cake because my last day at work was a cheese bonanza. Brie, cheddar, monteray jack and three types of goat cheese. This was very successful because usually with cake people just take a piece and return to their desk, but when you have a smorgasbord of tasty fromage, this magic thing called socializing happens. It was the best way to say farewell and I didn't have to make a speech, which was my biggest fear. I hate farewell speeches. I can toast people till the cows come home, but saying goodbye is just plain awkward. Many thanks to the fabulous coworkers who conspired to put it all together.

Speaking of conspiring... thank you to Yoyo's Ma who planted photos from the International Male catalog on my car. One was on my license plate, another on the front of my car and my favorite: John Stamos' head on my driver sideview mirror. I laughed out loud on that one. John now lives in my car ashtray.

I also forgot to mention that there was a distinct French theme to my farewell, aside from all the cheese. I found a bottle of Perrier Jouet Champagne on my desk, along with red white and blue balloons celebrating my independence. Those of you who have read my profile may have noticed my affinity for French culture so I was very touched by the thoughtful gestures.

And Mr. Baseball (G.H.); we will forgive him about the chickens because he arranged a very thoughtful card that was signed for by everyone. Thanks again. You guys are awesome and I will miss you very much. And thank you to the Running Man for his thoughtful card. All this time I didn't know he cared, mostly because he's the hardest working man on our team.

And I don't think I said a proper farewell to Bangin' Hair Man. The talks we've had over the last couple of months have really helped me see things more clearly.

And thanks to Mr. G who has had to put up with me through all of this crazy change. He welcomed me home with his own card and a big hug. And he took me out for sushi which is our favorite celebratory meal.

Time to chill out.

Grenadine Girl

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Spinning Around

Ever feel like you've been caught up in a whirlwind and you're just waiting to be put back down so you can start processing what's happened?

year has been chockablock of good change. It all culminates into tomorrow, my last day at the job I've had for the last three years. Since I gave notice I've sort of pretended like I'm ready for all of this, but nothing can prepare me for saying goodbye to people. I'm so terrible at it. I guess the only way to manage it is to face it head on.

This has been a great run. I've learned so much that it's prepared me for the job of my dreams. It's been a place that has nurtured me through some difficult times. In the end it's the people who have made this job for me and I'll never forget them. Hopefully we'll all keep in touch.

This job has seen me through 3 cars, a wedding, a trip to Australia, a near nervous breakdown, my father's heart attack, the death of my brother-in-law among other things.
A totally different person is walking out the door.

All this and my 27th birthday is next week.

No wonder I haven't been posting much.

Many posts next week while I'm busy resting, I mean organizing my life.

Grenadine Girl

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Announcing the Knitting World Cup

Knit-A-Long with World Cup Soccer for a Cause!

Knitters Unite!

Grenadine Girl

OK I was way off

On the Sopranos thing.

This was one of the most boring episodes ever.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Soprano's Predictions

The Ride

1) Christopher will find Vito
2) Tony will find out that Bobby stole the money that Junior was looking for in the yard.
3) Somebody will get killed
4) Tony's anger towards his uncle will be taken out on someone else.

I know that's too vague, but those are my guesses...


I've Hit the Yarn Jackpot

Those of you who are familiar with my blog know that I never write about work. It's taboo unless you want to get fired.

However I have big news. I have been hired by a fabulous yarn company (from here on known as FYC) to work in their offices, check out new yarn samples, design patterns among other fabulous tasks. Truth be told I will do any job for them because I'll be working for a yarn company!!!

It was totally unexpected and exciting!!!!

I finally understand what Oprah says. Do what you love and the money will follow. All this time I've pursued other interests, trying to make them into my passion, but they didn't quite fit. Photography, filmmaking, writing. It's funny how your love for something comes so naturally, almost effortlessly.

Little did I know that doing this stuff that I like, writing the blog, going to knit night, attending needlework show would all lead to this very opportunity.

I'm feeling rather blessed right now.

Thank you!

Grenadine Girl

Monday, May 01, 2006

Yes it has been a big weekend indeed.

So big that I can’t remember what I did on Friday.

Oh yeah. I went to the grocery store, and made chicken parmesan while Mr. G watched the film Ravenous. Call me particular, but I’m not so interested in films about Cannibalism. Silence of the Lambs –too creepy for me! However the chicken parm was super yummy and super easy. Thank you Whole Foods for preservative-free frozen chicken patties and organic Pasta Sauce.

Saturday I went to Izzytart’s housewarming. It was literally warming the house. The weather was nice and they still had to test out their fireplace. They’re East Coasters so you really can’t blame them. Anyhoo, met lots of people and some fellow knitters, there was some showing and telling of projects. And we played Apples to Apples, which was very entertaining and hee-larious as Izzy often says.

After that I went for a visit at Crystal Palace Yarns, aka straw.com. The nicest people you will ever meet!!!! I wish I took photos because there was shelf upon shelf, box upon box of yarn!!! And needles. These guys have been in business for years. More recently they’ve been known for their interesting novelty yarns, but they’ve always made great classic yar>ns as well. My favorite has always been the Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille.

I just finished a baby cap from Baby Heads and Toes in a khaki cotton chenille and it looks just like corduroy. Yum!

Anyhoo. I got a sneak peak at the variegated Cotton Chenille, which is now wound up in balls.

And I was introduced to the sample room. The magical place where new yarns are tested. Susan, the owner of the company is as obsessed with color as I am. She gave me a couple of balls of the Kid Merino in test colors. I’m not quite sure what to make with them. I’ll play with them and figure something out.

Also I got a ball of Merino Stripes which is soooooo soft. I want to make a small bag and felt it.

They were also generous enough to give me two sets of circular needles in larger sizes that I don’t have. They’re the daisy needles, which are very colorful and made from a type of resin in Asia. This makes them quite lightweight. This is good b/c when I’m knitting something with that big of a gauge, anything to make it a little lighter on the wrists is a relief.

Many thanks to Andy, Lauren and Susan for showing me around! Can’t wait to see them at TNNA.

Then Saturday night I finished those pink socks that I started in February. I can’t believe it takes me two months to finish a pair of socks. Why do I have to like sock yarn so much?

Sunday I had to bring my cat to visit my mother. Mr. G’s arm is out of commission and the cat demands too much attention for him to relax. So the kitty is having a little vacation with mom. She will get spoiled there with lots of treats and play time and my mom will get spoiled by having such a nice cat around. I’m not that thrilled. I miss the cat, but I admit things are quite a bit calmer around the house without her. And I get to pay more attention to my husband. But I still miss her.

I got to hang out with mom yesterday. She spoiled me rotten, taking me to the Old Port Lobster Shack. Yum! It’s the first time I’ve had lobster in ages. I had lobster bisque and a tasty salad with dried fruit and greens and a citrus dressing. Topped off with a cool glass of sauvignon blanc. Yummy Sunday dinner. Thanks mom!

Mom sent me home to Mr. G with lamb chops. Thus I had a happy husband. Especially since I played chess with him. I’m a lousy chess player and I hate losing. Hate it! Wish we had a good backgammon set. I’d play that for days.

Grenadine Girl