Saturday, May 20, 2006

Au Revoir

Nothing says farewell quite like cheese.

Someone must have heard me at work mention that I love cheese more than I love cake because my last day at work was a cheese bonanza. Brie, cheddar, monteray jack and three types of goat cheese. This was very successful because usually with cake people just take a piece and return to their desk, but when you have a smorgasbord of tasty fromage, this magic thing called socializing happens. It was the best way to say farewell and I didn't have to make a speech, which was my biggest fear. I hate farewell speeches. I can toast people till the cows come home, but saying goodbye is just plain awkward. Many thanks to the fabulous coworkers who conspired to put it all together.

Speaking of conspiring... thank you to Yoyo's Ma who planted photos from the International Male catalog on my car. One was on my license plate, another on the front of my car and my favorite: John Stamos' head on my driver sideview mirror. I laughed out loud on that one. John now lives in my car ashtray.

I also forgot to mention that there was a distinct French theme to my farewell, aside from all the cheese. I found a bottle of Perrier Jouet Champagne on my desk, along with red white and blue balloons celebrating my independence. Those of you who have read my profile may have noticed my affinity for French culture so I was very touched by the thoughtful gestures.

And Mr. Baseball (G.H.); we will forgive him about the chickens because he arranged a very thoughtful card that was signed for by everyone. Thanks again. You guys are awesome and I will miss you very much. And thank you to the Running Man for his thoughtful card. All this time I didn't know he cared, mostly because he's the hardest working man on our team.

And I don't think I said a proper farewell to Bangin' Hair Man. The talks we've had over the last couple of months have really helped me see things more clearly.

And thanks to Mr. G who has had to put up with me through all of this crazy change. He welcomed me home with his own card and a big hug. And he took me out for sushi which is our favorite celebratory meal.

Time to chill out.

Grenadine Girl

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