Wednesday, March 21, 2007


That's the sound of me jumping up and down!!!!

Do you remember back in the day, oh a couple of months ago I wrote an apron knitting pattern out of Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille?

Well, they've taken the pattern and posted it for free on their website.
Wooo hooo!

For other designs check out knitluck.

This has been a good day!

Grenadine Girl

The Pros of Lace Knitting (As Opposed to the Cons)

The Pros of Lace Knitting #1

knitting with itty bitty lace weight yarn makes knitting sock yarn seem like heavy worsted weight and boy do they knit up faster!

The good news is that we have passed the set up rows and have made it to row 13 of chart one. Thanks to Izzy for clarifying things for me.

Tonight: I'm still working on the Sea Sock design tentitively called the "lifesaver sock". I have to get to the heel even though I'd rather be knitting the hood on the Central Park Hoodie.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Flight delayed: Icarus is grounded

Alright I tried casting on again, this time with a size 2 addi turbo and we still fubarred it at row seven. There's something about those markers.

I'm going to have to resort to a lifeline, because I'm really sick of doing those first set up rows.

However I am liking the look of the work on the size 2 much better. We will try again. And try and try and try until we get it right.

I'm suddenly in awe of Knitabulous, one my favorite knitbloggers, who lives where I want to retire in Australia and who regularly pumps out these incredible laces.

And to answer a question about cabling without needles, I haven't tried it. There's something about having a cable needle hanging out of my mouth while I'm knitting that makes me feel like I'm really working hard.

Only a few hours left of uninterrupted knitting.


The Tough Decisions

It's Sunday morning and today we're faced with a riveting decision.

I've had my brekkie, my cuppa tea, did a little knitting.

But should I visit the local yarn shop? I could just stay here at my parents' house and continue knitting, or I could meander over to Creative Hands to check out their new location...

oh decisions, decisions.

Lord knows that I don't actually need any yarn, but I did leave my cable needle at home. We've been making do with a tapestry needle and we only have to cable once every ten rows, but you know. It's really important to have the right tools for the job. At least that's what I've been telling myself.

And I did try to cast on for Icarus last night. Got through the set up rows only to foul up exponentially on row 7 of Chart 1. I'm not understanding how the stitch markers are supposed to work with the decreases. Anyway I had to frog the work. And I think the size 3 needle I'm using is too big. That's not usually such a problem for me because I am a tight knitter. I just feel like 2's are going to be a better fit. Maybe I do need to go to the yarn shop. I really would like to get the hang of Icarus sooner rather than later.

Well. Guess I'd better get dressed. It's not good to pop over to the LYS in your jammies.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Knitter's Weekend

My parents have gone to Texas to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa. That means I get to spend the weekend catsitting at my parents' house. You'll find me on the couch, KWI. You know, Knitting Without Interruption.

It's not too often that I'm alone for days at a time, without having to go to work. It's quieting and restful. I'm trying to find some sort of personal insight into this peaceful weekend, but I'm not finding any.

I must be knitting too much, because any insights I have are in my knitting.

I'm still working on the Central Park Hoodie, and I've 3-needle-bound-off the shoulder seams. They look nice and tidy. And now I am knitting the hood part, for which I needed to pick up some stitches. It's nice to see that my picked up stitches are much neater than in past attempts. Quite gratifying actually. I feel like I should be sweaty in the middle of a boxing ring holding the championship belt for finishing. But we still have the botton bands to do yet.

I'm still working on the Lace Style beginner lace shrug thing-o. I'd tell you the actual name of the project, but I left that book at home. Just when I think I have the hang of the lace, I get to the end of a row and have an extra stitch. Harumph. But that's why we have the extra projects.

I cast on for the One Skein Baby Bolero. That will be a quickie, fortunately b/c there's a baby on the way (not mine) scheduled for arrival in May, and with all this upcoming Japan travel I need to get that finished pronto. I'm using the Blue Sky Cotton it calls for and I have a huge stash of it, in an abundance of colors, but this is the first time I'm actually using it and man, I'm soooo glad I bought so much of it, because it's like buttah, Barbara Streisand buttah. One day when I get crazy enough to buy a knitting machine, I might actually make myself a blanket out of this stuff, but then again, there's this cardigan that I like from Greetings from the Knit Cafe that I could make with it. oooo wouldn't that be cozy.

Can't you tell I've had a glass of wine?

Tomorrow morning I will wonder-of-all-wonders cast-on the Icarus Shawl. Gag, blah freak out!!!!! This is the Thelma and Louise of knitting projects. My pal Izzy is my Thursday night gal. If I'm not hanging out with her at gaming, then we're at Knit Night at MFA. And either I was drunk on wine, or on the abundance of new yarn that Warren had, but we decided that we have to do a knit-along together just for our gaming nights. That in itself is not dangerous. The dangerous part was deciding that we should knit the Icarus shawl. Why not? It's a beautiful shawl, and I haven't done lace of the micrometer gauge yet, but something tells me that gaming and delicate lace don't mix.

I can picture it now...

INT: Suburban Dining Area

Six people surround the dining table with dnd books, dice and junkfood. The Dungeon Master (DM) sits at the head of the table with his dragon divider.

DM "Grenadine, what's your initiative"

No response from Grenadine, she's busy knitting.

The rest of the gamers (except Izzy, the other knitter) stare at Grenadine.

Grenadine: "Oh are you talking to me?"

DM: "Yes what's your initiative?"

Grenadine: "2"

DM: "2, that's not possible, your dex mod is at least 3"

GG: "Oh sorry that was the number of repeats in the shawl? What am I rolling for?"

This kind of thing could get you kicked out of a game. But not to confuse my partner in crime Izzy, I'm looking forward to Icarus and people tell me it's easier than it looks.

Well I should get back to the knitting... and that glass of wine.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

First Stop in Tokyo

In May, when I go to Tokyo, this will be one of the first places I visit:

Gyoza City???

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And now for those long promised photos

First off, I've got a fancy new camera and of course I had to wander around the house searching for appropriate subjects to photograph.

But then I found the yarn.

The basket full of the Central Park Hoodie. I'm ready to actually make the hood part of the hoodie, but I've been knitting the sleeves for the last 3 weeks and I need a break.

Which is why we need a moment to view the fruits of my sock yarn addiction:

Here's my first attempt at lace, which is going very well. I'm loving the new lace style book. There's a couple of things I might attempt. There's a rumor going around that I'm going to try the Icarus shawl too.

alright time to do some actual knitting, if I can fit it in before I start cooking dinner...


Bad Brain

Just got back from lunch.

Why haven't I figured out that I just don't like quiche?

My brain looks at quiche and thinks "hmm quiche, that looks nice, let's try some of that for lunch today... it has eggs, cheese, veggies and pie crust... these are all things that I like to eat... yes eat quiche"

But then when I actually eat it at lunch, quiche almost always tastes awful. A total let down. It's too egg-y, not cheesy enough and the veggies just drown in it. Bad texture, bad flavor. Yuck. Sometimes you really can have too much of a good thing.

And this isn't the first time this has happened. I think I have to give up the fight on the good quiche. It just doesn't exist.

So for future reference brain: I don't like quiche.

It's necessary to train my brain in this way because there are so few foods that I dislike.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

One of those non-knitting posts (almost)

A friend of mine bemoans the fact that I spend most of my time on this blog writing about knitting and not so much time on any interesting personal insights.

And here I was thinking that I was able to occasionally blend the two.

It's been hard for me to write lately because I have an inner conflict. As much as I enjoy writing a blog and sharing my knitting projects and life stories, I'm not so comfortable sharing my personal struggles. And while life hasn't been so full of struggle per se, it can be difficult to share one's life without being too specific.

Which can be frustrating. I want to share, but I don't want to be too personal. I have learned the hard way to choose the consesrvative option when in doubt. As much as something can be difficult for you, and as much as it seems like your whole universe, most people really don't want to know. I mean this is a knitting blog. this isn't the -insert your favorite medical problem/social issue here- blog. So here, we talk about yarn and knitting projects and we like it!

I suppose this is why therapists are so expensive. But one can't afford both a therapist and a yarn habit.

Besides, yarn is a much longer lasting expense and infinately more theraputic. Yarn doesn't pretend to listen to you, doesn't give you that uncomfortable half-hug. Yarn doesn't email you on the infrequent whim. It just sits there, looks pretty, and feels nice. Wow suddenly I have a lot more in common with middle aged men that I thought I did. And no that doesn't mean that I'm experiencing a mid-life crisis.

just to interject here. I'm watching American Idol and doesn't Sanjaya have potential as a possible Knit-wear model? With tonight's hairdo he sure does look like a Filati Model.

So in lieu of therapy there has been a lot of knitting. A foray into LACE. A new sock design. Oh and a new fingerless glove design here. I'm gonna take some photos.

See I feel better already.