Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Live in San Francisco and You Don't #7

Thirty minutes ago we had a bit of an earthquake. I was babysitting my next door neighbors when I felt a big thud hit the house, as if a large and clumsy animal had cannonballed the roof. But no animal can make the whole earth shake and can echo that unmistakable low rumble of the earth moving. Within moments I was on my laptop on the usgs page, myfriends from all over the bay area instant messaging me with their reactions. I called my mom to make sure she was ok.

Then I called my husband who was at home not 50 feet from me.

He didn't feel a thing.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Here She Is.... Miss South Carolina

Miss South Carolina 2
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My halloween costume...

oh and here's the youtube link in case you don't get the joke.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Knitting Droolfest 2007

Issue Knit 3 from Jo Sharp came out earlier this year and I just got it in the mail today and it's one of the best knitting magazines ever. An amazing range of projects for men and women. Super inspiring.

Wish I could say the same of the Rowan Magazine I got yesterday, which was entertaining, but it's highly unlikely that I will knit anything from it. Whereas this Knit 3 has as many as 10 projects I would make. I do have some Jo Sharp yarn in the stash, but I've got a whole bunch of other yarn that would work beautifully in the patterns.



Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Cranky Little Heart is Leaping For Joy

Terry Prachett spins his own yarn and knits his own socks.

must. go. to. used. bookstore.


I Live in San Francisco and You Don't #6

As of this week I have lived in the Bay Area for 15 years.

I love it here despite the astronomical home prices, the unavoidable traffic, the lack of a singular comprehensive transportation system and the viable alternative of moving to Australia.

It's taken me this long to love it as much as I do now.

Do you ever realize that you live in places longer than you live with some people?

So you gotta pick the place you live and LOVE it.

You gotta find the trees, bushes and water towers and look for them as you drive by and watch how they change season to season. After a few years they become as friendly as nostalgic memories, offering unkept promises of permanence.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

You Better Work!!!!!!

I'm back at work 5 days a week. The upside is that I get a lot of knitting done. The downside is that even though the demands of my job are minimal I'm still pretty tired at the end of the day.

So tired that I left my handbag with my wallet at my desk, leaving me penniless when I attempted to go grocery shopping.

Didn't forget the knitting though, can't live without the knitting. Too bad it doesn't buy milk, bread or eggs.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Just Got Home From Bevmo

quote of the day:

"drunk people get pregnant all the time!"


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Grenadine Girl is a Cranky Girl

for lots of reasons.

The seasons change. Things are getting serious and no sir, I don't like it.

Those who know me off-web know that I have a very optimistic demeanor and an outlook that does not endure prolonged periods of struggle. I generally move forward on things quickly and will switch gears seamlessly to something else if a goal isn't working for me.

Unfortunately I can't do that with this one goal I'm pursuing. This goal is all encompassing and not to be put on the back burners. There's little I can do to control it and whatever I do to try to distract myself from it doesn't work.

I cry. I get frustrated. I watch entire seasons of Sex In the City.

I find it hard to even pick up the knitting needles, let alone knit with them.

But then I find myself watching a documentary on PBS about a guy with muscular dystrophy and it gives me some perspective.

And my old habit returns and I focus on my next trip to Australia, moving this persnickity unachieved goal to the back of my mind again, only if just temporarily.


Music: Guns and Roses Patience

Friday, October 12, 2007

Well There Goes Facebook

I got my ravelry invite. Guess now I'm going to have to reorganize the craft room and take photos of the stash.


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Knitting At The Festival

Knitting At The Festival
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Happy doesn't even begin to describe...

I Live in San Francisco and You Don't #5

I heart Craigslist.

I'm tempted to buy it just to confuse people at Thanksgiving.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Same People, Just Drunker

I started writing a summary of the reunion, but it bored even me so I'll spare you the Gorey details and give you the high and low lights of the evening:

1) Mr. G and I sit through mind numbingly awful traffic. Mr. G is credited with maintaining my sanity as we make our way South. We frequently ask ourselves why are we doing this?

2) We arrive at the reunion nearly 2 hours late. (partially because there's no way in hell I'm going to take off work early to attend a high school reunion)

3) An acquaintance informs me that my old clique is looking for me, which completely shocks and dismays me. I've already lost my bet that zero people will talk to me.

4) The buffet is an Atkins nightmare. Fettucine alfredo, scalloped potatoes, chicken marsala. The caterers haven't found a creme sauce that they didn't like. But that didn't stop me from eating two platefuls of creamy goodness.

5) I meet up with the two friends I had in high school. They credit me with introducing them, which I had totally forgotten. One of them even asks after my mother, which temporarily leaves me speechless. I'm also shocked that I'm actually happy to see them and that they're really nice. One of them reads the blog.

6) I don't chat with anyone else out of the 200 so attendees. Mr. G and I ditch the crowd to watch a live band that's playing and bump into some relatives of my exboyfriend, who glare at me b/c I treated said exboyfriend very badly.

7) I'm not that surprised that people haven't changed at all and I laugh my ass off at the people who got gussied up. They look exactly the same as they did when they went to prom, only this time they're messy drunk and sporting new boobs.

8) The worst part: I pay $90 and THEY DON'T HAVE THE ENVELOPE OF INCRIMINATING MATERIALS. I have to go to the 20th reunion to retrieve it.

9) I could have gone to a Mexican bar in the Marina and had the same experience.

10) My only regret: that I was too tired to drag Mr. G into the city for a comic book event and karaoke.

Oh well whatever.


Friday, October 05, 2007

The Countdown is Over

I leave for the school reunion in moments. I've been bitching on facebook and twitter about how much I'm not looking forward to this event and someone came up with the idea that perhaps I could choose NOT to go.

Unfortunately that is not an option.

You see, I did something stupid when I was freshly 18 and on the precipice of graduation. The school distributed envelopes and called them "class wills". You were to fill them up, like a time capsule for you to open at your ten year reunion.

In the throws of an emotional breakup decided to fill my envelope with incriminating photographs of my then exboyfriend, along with letters and audiotapes. In this new age of youtube and the internets, these things really don't need to be out of my hands, in fact they belong in a fire, which is exactly where they're going to go as soon as I high tail my ass out of the reunion.

Mr. G laughed his ass off at me when I explained to him why we have to rush our way in weekend traffic to the reunion, especially when there aren't any friends that I remain in communication with from there.

Here we go.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Stupid Cold Sore Throat waaaaahhhhhhh

Cranky for all the lost time. Spent this week doing anything except the book proposal. Cleaning. Dr's appointments.

Then I got a cold. Mr. G had this cold before I did and he didn't seem to get it nearly as bad as I did. Now I'm living off of hot and sour soup and thai yellow curry . The heat helps clear my nose and chest.

Resting on the couch all day I watched the entire first season of The Office (american version) -not hard to do it's only 6 episodes. Then sped through first disk of season two.

Tomorrow I have two movies to watch that my mind is too fuzzy to remember.

And I'm annoyed because we may have to cancel gaming because of my illness. Then Friday we have the much anticipated school reunion. I'm starting to take bets on how many people I end up chatting with. I've got a lot of money on zero.

Then Saturday I have the Bluegrass festival. So virus, you've been warned, it's check out time. I've got too much stuff to do to be sick.

Grenadine Girl

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I have a cold.

This is unfortunate aside from the regular viral annoyances.



Monday, October 01, 2007

I Live In San Francisco And You Don't #4

For now two weekends running there are too many events I wish to attend and too little time.

If only I had a tardis I would attend them all.

Laughing Squid

Like next weekend, I'd like to go to zinefest, but I'll probably be at the bluegrass festival in GG Park.

This reminds me of a scene in Amadeus when Mozart announces that he wishes he had two heads.

Could it be possible that we have enough desire to occupy two bodies?