Saturday, October 06, 2007

Same People, Just Drunker

I started writing a summary of the reunion, but it bored even me so I'll spare you the Gorey details and give you the high and low lights of the evening:

1) Mr. G and I sit through mind numbingly awful traffic. Mr. G is credited with maintaining my sanity as we make our way South. We frequently ask ourselves why are we doing this?

2) We arrive at the reunion nearly 2 hours late. (partially because there's no way in hell I'm going to take off work early to attend a high school reunion)

3) An acquaintance informs me that my old clique is looking for me, which completely shocks and dismays me. I've already lost my bet that zero people will talk to me.

4) The buffet is an Atkins nightmare. Fettucine alfredo, scalloped potatoes, chicken marsala. The caterers haven't found a creme sauce that they didn't like. But that didn't stop me from eating two platefuls of creamy goodness.

5) I meet up with the two friends I had in high school. They credit me with introducing them, which I had totally forgotten. One of them even asks after my mother, which temporarily leaves me speechless. I'm also shocked that I'm actually happy to see them and that they're really nice. One of them reads the blog.

6) I don't chat with anyone else out of the 200 so attendees. Mr. G and I ditch the crowd to watch a live band that's playing and bump into some relatives of my exboyfriend, who glare at me b/c I treated said exboyfriend very badly.

7) I'm not that surprised that people haven't changed at all and I laugh my ass off at the people who got gussied up. They look exactly the same as they did when they went to prom, only this time they're messy drunk and sporting new boobs.

8) The worst part: I pay $90 and THEY DON'T HAVE THE ENVELOPE OF INCRIMINATING MATERIALS. I have to go to the 20th reunion to retrieve it.

9) I could have gone to a Mexican bar in the Marina and had the same experience.

10) My only regret: that I was too tired to drag Mr. G into the city for a comic book event and karaoke.

Oh well whatever.


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