Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Stupid Cold Sore Throat waaaaahhhhhhh

Cranky for all the lost time. Spent this week doing anything except the book proposal. Cleaning. Dr's appointments.

Then I got a cold. Mr. G had this cold before I did and he didn't seem to get it nearly as bad as I did. Now I'm living off of hot and sour soup and thai yellow curry . The heat helps clear my nose and chest.

Resting on the couch all day I watched the entire first season of The Office (american version) -not hard to do it's only 6 episodes. Then sped through first disk of season two.

Tomorrow I have two movies to watch that my mind is too fuzzy to remember.

And I'm annoyed because we may have to cancel gaming because of my illness. Then Friday we have the much anticipated school reunion. I'm starting to take bets on how many people I end up chatting with. I've got a lot of money on zero.

Then Saturday I have the Bluegrass festival. So virus, you've been warned, it's check out time. I've got too much stuff to do to be sick.

Grenadine Girl


TheWayOfTheGun said...

I'm clearly having some sort of empathy failure because instead of thinking the appropriate "being sick sucks!" I keep thinking "Thai yellow curry! Yum!"


Grenadine Girl said...

Yeah that's the upside of being sick is the comfort of hot soups. I really don't crave them any other time.

Not to make you jealous but I have thai yellow curry leftovers for lunch today YUM!!!!

Tuck said...

Cancel Gaming!? Should never happen! Speaking of which, what type of gaming are you reffering to and how come I never get invited?

Grenadine Girl said...

re: tuck

Unfortunately this dnd campaign is already rather crowded!

I think Little Brother G (Vic) is running a few games you should contact him.

Tuck said...

RE: Little Brother G

How do I get in touch with him nowadays?