Friday, October 05, 2007

The Countdown is Over

I leave for the school reunion in moments. I've been bitching on facebook and twitter about how much I'm not looking forward to this event and someone came up with the idea that perhaps I could choose NOT to go.

Unfortunately that is not an option.

You see, I did something stupid when I was freshly 18 and on the precipice of graduation. The school distributed envelopes and called them "class wills". You were to fill them up, like a time capsule for you to open at your ten year reunion.

In the throws of an emotional breakup decided to fill my envelope with incriminating photographs of my then exboyfriend, along with letters and audiotapes. In this new age of youtube and the internets, these things really don't need to be out of my hands, in fact they belong in a fire, which is exactly where they're going to go as soon as I high tail my ass out of the reunion.

Mr. G laughed his ass off at me when I explained to him why we have to rush our way in weekend traffic to the reunion, especially when there aren't any friends that I remain in communication with from there.

Here we go.



Tuck said...

Have fun! I know I would go if I could. I didn't 'finish' so they won't invite me. Tell everyone I know I say hi though!

Grenadine Girl said...

there weren't very many people to say hi to.