Sunday, October 14, 2007

Grenadine Girl is a Cranky Girl

for lots of reasons.

The seasons change. Things are getting serious and no sir, I don't like it.

Those who know me off-web know that I have a very optimistic demeanor and an outlook that does not endure prolonged periods of struggle. I generally move forward on things quickly and will switch gears seamlessly to something else if a goal isn't working for me.

Unfortunately I can't do that with this one goal I'm pursuing. This goal is all encompassing and not to be put on the back burners. There's little I can do to control it and whatever I do to try to distract myself from it doesn't work.

I cry. I get frustrated. I watch entire seasons of Sex In the City.

I find it hard to even pick up the knitting needles, let alone knit with them.

But then I find myself watching a documentary on PBS about a guy with muscular dystrophy and it gives me some perspective.

And my old habit returns and I focus on my next trip to Australia, moving this persnickity unachieved goal to the back of my mind again, only if just temporarily.


Music: Guns and Roses Patience

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Mr G said...

what goal was this honey?
mr G x0x0