Monday, September 26, 2005

Long Week

so yeah. This Marin Fiber Arts store is going to be fantastic. I went over there yesterday to help Warren paint the walls. Now I had a vague notion where the store was going to be. I knew the building, but I had no idea how magnificent a location Warren's store would be.

Simply, the store faces a stone wall fountain. Its only maybe 30 feet away from the store front, creating an instantly serene setting to peruse yarn. I was relaxed and there wasn't any yarn to be found yet, just paint. I actually enjoyed painting. Thank you Warren for offering me another new experience. I know your store is going to ROCK! Rock fountain I mean. Just joking.

One of the fellow knit night knitters Sue was there and we must be on the same page because we keep thinking about having a knitter's retreat. Warren suggested that we might have one somewhere in Point Reyes, which would be fabulous, especially during the winter in a cottage with a fireplace. Any other northbay knitters into this notion? We were thinking of renting a place for the weekend, Friday and Saturday on a weekend in February. I've done a little research and it looks like for about $200/per person we could have food and lodging in beautiful Stinson or Bolinas. Alternatively, we could do a wine country knitters retreat where in addition to some knitting we could indulge in some wine tasting. Dangerous mix I'd say!

Aside from that not much is going on. Mr. G and I have been doing a major house cleaning. We don't do the spring clean, we do an autumn cleaning and its quite nice I think.

Anyhoo I've got to cook dinner so I'll see you guys later

Grenadine Girl

Saturday, September 17, 2005

There's something wrong with this picture

Let me explain.

A few weeks ago I bought some Rowan Cotton Twist and the Rowan Beach Cool pattern book. There was a cute hat that I thought would be nice to wear on some beach one day (hence the name beach-cool). Now the first problem was that this was a crochet project and I'm not so keen on crochet. So I ask my mom the expert crochet-er to make it for me. How hard could it be? Its just a hat. Mom had made a couple of cool crochet hats. She's crocheted her way around many little baby outfits. But then my mom tried to make this Rowan Hat. This was our first time using a Rowan pattern.

We're not impressed

Just for your reference, here's what the hat's supposed to look like

We've decided that the hat in its current form would make a much better tea cozy.

In fairness to Rowan, we acknowledge as Americans from a non-hat wearing culture, we may be the tiniest bit uninformed about English hat design.

Needless to say the hat has been frogged.


Catching Up

Ahhh Saturday morning. Its been a long week at work. Crazy busy, even more than usual. I finally have photographic proof of my current knitting bonanza.

I keep forgetting to mention that I've joined a knitting group. On Thursday nights I meet at Warren's house with other like-minded folks. I've met some great people and discovered some fabulous new yarns. You see, Warren is opening a new yarn shop and I've been lucky enough to get to peruse his wares before it even opens! He's a longtime knitter with a keen eye for quality and innovation. I can't wait until his shop Marin Fiber Arts opens. He's pursuing his dream and I'm sure he's going to make it the best yarn shop in Marin. He's got so many great ideas, such a friendly and knowledgeable demeanor that novice and experienced knitters alike will find him welcoming. It doesn't hurt that he has such great taste in yarn. He's encouraged me to try sock knitting. I really hope that his shop becomes a magnet for local knitters to congregate. It's in a great part of town, near to some wonderful coffee shops and restaurants. Please visit his site because he's going to start selling online very soon.

Marin Fiber Arts

I've also met some fabulous tricoteuses at these meetings. Its such a relaxing thought to know I'll get to meet with everyone on a weekly basis. Everyone's so nice and has wonderful stories and projects to share. These knitting groups are like group therapy, but we don't have to talk about our problems we just share our love of knitting, this in itself is so nurturing. Its satisfying to surround oneself with like-minded folk especially when they're from varying backgrounds. If you want to join our group, visit Warren's site and blog.

so onto the photos. First off is a photo of my recent purchase from Warren:

I bought a Chibi (one of those cute little things to hold your tapestry needles), some "Knitter's Little Helper" which is a lucious hand moisturizer with such a lovely scent, two skeins of Nature's Palette in Odd Duck #1 for a pair of socks, and some Brittany sock needles. You can tell that I've gone sock crazy because.

I'm already working on a pair of socks for Mr. Grenadine:

Socks just come naturally don't they? These are MG's anniversary socks. He bought me the yarn on our first anniversary. Hopefully I'll have them done soon.

Here's the yarn I'm usuing for the Fall Cable knit-along:

I'm still working on the red scarf. Its a gift and I have to finish it this weekend:

I'm making another one in green as a gift too:

And just for good measure I've also finished the body of another flower bag:

Thank god I've been waiting to get all of this stuff off my chest! And a note to Cecile, I still love to read your blog! I hope you've had a good vacation. Glad you're back blogging. I've got a package for you can't wait to send it!

happy knitting to everyone.

La Grenadine

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Lotsa knitting news

Contrary to what I've been writing lately I have been knitting a lot. I'm working on yet another flower basket bag and a pair of socks. Its funny because I didn't know much about knitting when I started my first flower basket bag, but now I knit them barely reading the directions. And I started knitting socks without so much as a pattern and I daresay that they're going well. I know you're thinking "knitting socks without a pattern!!!!???" but I just mean the beginning part in the round. Once I get to the heel I'll be consulting one of the many free patterns floating around out there.

You know its almost been a year since I started knitting and its true. I'm entirely addicted. Nothing makes me feel more relaxed.

Now if only I could get off my butt and put some photos on here...

oh laziness


Saturday, September 10, 2005


How apropos that this is my 100th post and my first wedding anniversary! Had a lovely day reliving the wedding and dreaming of the future with my hubby.

To celebrate both events I have two photos:

me on my wedding day:

me on the anniversary:

Thank you to Mr. G for being such a supportive loving husband who let me peruse yarn on our anniversary. I married Mr. Right.


Friday, September 09, 2005

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Gabrielle Will Like This

Your Boobies' Names Are: Thelma and Louise

How did it know?

just a few weeks of summer left...

and its already getting cooler. The earth must be tilting in a different direction b/c the afternoon light already hints of autumn. This has me looking forward to winter with its dark evenings and cozy rain showers. Perfect crafting weather.

I was able to pick up my quilt. It was nice to have it back. I finally get to enjoy the fruit of my labor, well until I send the quilt to my mother in law. I know I've promised myself not to start another quilt until after January, but I have such great fabric that I can't help myself. But then again I have fabulous yarn. I can't believe I have to choose between yarn and fabric. Its torture.

Of course with the quilt finished you would think that I would have attempted some knitting tonight. But no, I went on a cooking rampage, whipping up some homemade tomato sauce, baked ziti and chicken parmesan. One day I will have the time do do everything I want.

autumn is on its way and I've joined the Fall Cable knit along. I will be knitting one of the cabled scarves from Scarf Style from the yarn my SP5 sent me. Pictures soon, probably this weekend.


Monday, September 05, 2005

Its official the quilt show is over

And I forgot to pick up my quilt. Do you think they'll let me have it back? Ack!

Here's some photos from the show. I've done a TON of knitting and getting some fabric organized for my future quilts.

For now here's some stuff from the show:

That's the quilt on the left

Close up. It's not the best quilt, but I had fun making it!

Oh and here are some photos of me giving the cat a bath. Seriously she enjoyed this a lot more than it looks. She actually purred in the bathrub for the first couple of minutes until I put the cat shampoo on her (which was all natural especially made for cats) I promise she wasn't harmed in the making of this photo!