Monday, September 26, 2005

Long Week

so yeah. This Marin Fiber Arts store is going to be fantastic. I went over there yesterday to help Warren paint the walls. Now I had a vague notion where the store was going to be. I knew the building, but I had no idea how magnificent a location Warren's store would be.

Simply, the store faces a stone wall fountain. Its only maybe 30 feet away from the store front, creating an instantly serene setting to peruse yarn. I was relaxed and there wasn't any yarn to be found yet, just paint. I actually enjoyed painting. Thank you Warren for offering me another new experience. I know your store is going to ROCK! Rock fountain I mean. Just joking.

One of the fellow knit night knitters Sue was there and we must be on the same page because we keep thinking about having a knitter's retreat. Warren suggested that we might have one somewhere in Point Reyes, which would be fabulous, especially during the winter in a cottage with a fireplace. Any other northbay knitters into this notion? We were thinking of renting a place for the weekend, Friday and Saturday on a weekend in February. I've done a little research and it looks like for about $200/per person we could have food and lodging in beautiful Stinson or Bolinas. Alternatively, we could do a wine country knitters retreat where in addition to some knitting we could indulge in some wine tasting. Dangerous mix I'd say!

Aside from that not much is going on. Mr. G and I have been doing a major house cleaning. We don't do the spring clean, we do an autumn cleaning and its quite nice I think.

Anyhoo I've got to cook dinner so I'll see you guys later

Grenadine Girl

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Ralph's Blog said...

Hi Angie!

Glad to see something from you! Even if is only about knitting, well, also painting. We used to paint. When Katie and I rented our first apt. we painted the little place--pale green, and we loved it. That was 1949! Your knitter's retreat sounds great!

Love, Grandpa