Saturday, September 17, 2005

There's something wrong with this picture

Let me explain.

A few weeks ago I bought some Rowan Cotton Twist and the Rowan Beach Cool pattern book. There was a cute hat that I thought would be nice to wear on some beach one day (hence the name beach-cool). Now the first problem was that this was a crochet project and I'm not so keen on crochet. So I ask my mom the expert crochet-er to make it for me. How hard could it be? Its just a hat. Mom had made a couple of cool crochet hats. She's crocheted her way around many little baby outfits. But then my mom tried to make this Rowan Hat. This was our first time using a Rowan pattern.

We're not impressed

Just for your reference, here's what the hat's supposed to look like

We've decided that the hat in its current form would make a much better tea cozy.

In fairness to Rowan, we acknowledge as Americans from a non-hat wearing culture, we may be the tiniest bit uninformed about English hat design.

Needless to say the hat has been frogged.



Allena said...

oh that totally sucks i wonder what happened it looks like such a cool hat!

Lock Lady said...

Great weekend, Mrs. G! Thanks for all the fun - hope to see you soon!!!! Check out my first blog message.