Wednesday, September 07, 2005

just a few weeks of summer left...

and its already getting cooler. The earth must be tilting in a different direction b/c the afternoon light already hints of autumn. This has me looking forward to winter with its dark evenings and cozy rain showers. Perfect crafting weather.

I was able to pick up my quilt. It was nice to have it back. I finally get to enjoy the fruit of my labor, well until I send the quilt to my mother in law. I know I've promised myself not to start another quilt until after January, but I have such great fabric that I can't help myself. But then again I have fabulous yarn. I can't believe I have to choose between yarn and fabric. Its torture.

Of course with the quilt finished you would think that I would have attempted some knitting tonight. But no, I went on a cooking rampage, whipping up some homemade tomato sauce, baked ziti and chicken parmesan. One day I will have the time do do everything I want.

autumn is on its way and I've joined the Fall Cable knit along. I will be knitting one of the cabled scarves from Scarf Style from the yarn my SP5 sent me. Pictures soon, probably this weekend.


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