Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Pros of Lace Knitting (As Opposed to the Cons)

The Pros of Lace Knitting #1

knitting with itty bitty lace weight yarn makes knitting sock yarn seem like heavy worsted weight and boy do they knit up faster!

The good news is that we have passed the set up rows and have made it to row 13 of chart one. Thanks to Izzy for clarifying things for me.

Tonight: I'm still working on the Sea Sock design tentitively called the "lifesaver sock". I have to get to the heel even though I'd rather be knitting the hood on the Central Park Hoodie.


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Adrienne said...

Now you're way ahead of me :) Status report on needles: #2s may be correct gauge but needle tips are way too round and thick. Anticipated k2tog will be quite difficult with Fiddlestick.

Will attemp swatch with #1s tonight as points are much pointier and see if it's not too tight.

And, TV!