Tuesday, March 13, 2007

One of those non-knitting posts (almost)

A friend of mine bemoans the fact that I spend most of my time on this blog writing about knitting and not so much time on any interesting personal insights.

And here I was thinking that I was able to occasionally blend the two.

It's been hard for me to write lately because I have an inner conflict. As much as I enjoy writing a blog and sharing my knitting projects and life stories, I'm not so comfortable sharing my personal struggles. And while life hasn't been so full of struggle per se, it can be difficult to share one's life without being too specific.

Which can be frustrating. I want to share, but I don't want to be too personal. I have learned the hard way to choose the consesrvative option when in doubt. As much as something can be difficult for you, and as much as it seems like your whole universe, most people really don't want to know. I mean this is a knitting blog. this isn't the -insert your favorite medical problem/social issue here- blog. So here, we talk about yarn and knitting projects and we like it!

I suppose this is why therapists are so expensive. But one can't afford both a therapist and a yarn habit.

Besides, yarn is a much longer lasting expense and infinately more theraputic. Yarn doesn't pretend to listen to you, doesn't give you that uncomfortable half-hug. Yarn doesn't email you on the infrequent whim. It just sits there, looks pretty, and feels nice. Wow suddenly I have a lot more in common with middle aged men that I thought I did. And no that doesn't mean that I'm experiencing a mid-life crisis.

just to interject here. I'm watching American Idol and doesn't Sanjaya have potential as a possible Knit-wear model? With tonight's hairdo he sure does look like a Filati Model.

So in lieu of therapy there has been a lot of knitting. A foray into LACE. A new sock design. Oh and a new fingerless glove design here. I'm gonna take some photos.

See I feel better already.


Adrienne said...

1. Does this mean you've started Icarus without me?

2. I think you should use your LJ journal for friends-only real posts about what you're thinking. You can control who reads it and some of us truly do want to know.

And, see you tomorrow night YAY

Grenadine Girl said...

no I've started a little lace shrug to prepare me for icarus. Did I mention I've never done lace before?

But I love a challenge and I'm enjoying the shrug, which I will photograph this evening.

Looking forward to gaming! Yeah! And ANTM tonight.


Adrienne said...

Lace is just YO and K2togs. ;) I've done nothing but a square or two for the 8x8s. And technically some people consider a Clapotis to be in the lace category so there! And I can't wait to see.