Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Katawhatta Damashki?

So today was my first day at Fabulous Yarn Company.

Much like the first day of school, I was wrought with nervousness. What should I wear? Are my new coworkers going to like me? Will I get lost on my way there? But of course, everything was fine. Everybody's very sweet and easy going. I feel right at home already. Dream come true.

So now that my career's been figured out I have another life-issue to tackle. My health. I have been in dire need of exercise, especially since I am a die hard knitter. Apparently knitting does not count as aerobic exercise. So I made a commitment to myself to do yoga in my living room every morning Monday through Friday. and I feel a lot better for it. There are no excuses. If I can achieve finding a job in the yarn industry, I can achieve fitness through yoga.

wow I can't believe it. As I type Mr. G is trying out some yoga poses.

I must be doing something right.

In knitting news I've finished and blocked all of the pieces of Major. I just have to find the time and concentration to seam them.

I'm designing a felted bag. It's going to be a satchel. Very cute.

Also I saw Izzy Tart on the freeway, she saw me and waved me over and we checked out her new house and she showed me this awesome video game Katamari Damashi. I'm already hooked. As if I don't have enough free time as it is.

(editor's note: the video game suddenly reminds me of that Star Trek the Next Generation episode where Riker goes to Planet Raiesa and gets addicted to this video game that controls his brain, which he brings back to the ship and gets everyone else addicted, to the point where Wesley and Data have to save the day- Izzy what have you done to me????)



Moze said...

It makes you feel like you're having incredible sex? Hmmm--maybe I should try it...

Christie said...

Yeah! New job...glad to hear that it went well. I should do yoga in the morning too...but that means I would have to get up earlier!