Monday, May 22, 2006

First Day of Rest

Howdy Friends,

Busy first day. I was planning to do nothing around the house, but I didn't want to start off being lazy so I shot an email to Warren to see if we could hang out in the city today. Moments later I got a phone call on ye olde cell phone (Warren has The Safety Dance as his identifying ring tone) and off we went to the city, first grabbing a tasty lunch at Pluto's. I had an excellent salad with apples, grapes, sunflower seeds, blue cheese and chicken with a diet coke. YUM! Then we stopped by the Golden Gate Park Botanical Gardens where Warren showed me what his garden would look like:

Please note that Warren's sock is covering a rock with a face carved on it.

After our forway into the urban wilderness, we made it to Artfibers where I bought two skeins of alfabeta to make a lacy scarf. I absolutely could not resist the beautiful colorways of pinks, greens and greys in the silk and kid merino blend. yummy yummy yummy. Even if it meant that Warren disliked me for 26 minutes (a minute for every dollar spent at another yarn store). fortunately he softened up after we had a bit of cheesecake at a swanky cafe. Then we lounged around Union Square, knitting in public. It was a beautiful day, blue skies and wispy clouds. We are lucky to live in the Bay Area.

Also I've just updated the Knitting World Cup.... join in for some charitable knitting.


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