Monday, May 01, 2006

Yes it has been a big weekend indeed.

So big that I can’t remember what I did on Friday.

Oh yeah. I went to the grocery store, and made chicken parmesan while Mr. G watched the film Ravenous. Call me particular, but I’m not so interested in films about Cannibalism. Silence of the Lambs –too creepy for me! However the chicken parm was super yummy and super easy. Thank you Whole Foods for preservative-free frozen chicken patties and organic Pasta Sauce.

Saturday I went to Izzytart’s housewarming. It was literally warming the house. The weather was nice and they still had to test out their fireplace. They’re East Coasters so you really can’t blame them. Anyhoo, met lots of people and some fellow knitters, there was some showing and telling of projects. And we played Apples to Apples, which was very entertaining and hee-larious as Izzy often says.

After that I went for a visit at Crystal Palace Yarns, aka The nicest people you will ever meet!!!! I wish I took photos because there was shelf upon shelf, box upon box of yarn!!! And needles. These guys have been in business for years. More recently they’ve been known for their interesting novelty yarns, but they’ve always made great classic yar>ns as well. My favorite has always been the Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille.

I just finished a baby cap from Baby Heads and Toes in a khaki cotton chenille and it looks just like corduroy. Yum!

Anyhoo. I got a sneak peak at the variegated Cotton Chenille, which is now wound up in balls.

And I was introduced to the sample room. The magical place where new yarns are tested. Susan, the owner of the company is as obsessed with color as I am. She gave me a couple of balls of the Kid Merino in test colors. I’m not quite sure what to make with them. I’ll play with them and figure something out.

Also I got a ball of Merino Stripes which is soooooo soft. I want to make a small bag and felt it.

They were also generous enough to give me two sets of circular needles in larger sizes that I don’t have. They’re the daisy needles, which are very colorful and made from a type of resin in Asia. This makes them quite lightweight. This is good b/c when I’m knitting something with that big of a gauge, anything to make it a little lighter on the wrists is a relief.

Many thanks to Andy, Lauren and Susan for showing me around! Can’t wait to see them at TNNA.

Then Saturday night I finished those pink socks that I started in February. I can’t believe it takes me two months to finish a pair of socks. Why do I have to like sock yarn so much?

Sunday I had to bring my cat to visit my mother. Mr. G’s arm is out of commission and the cat demands too much attention for him to relax. So the kitty is having a little vacation with mom. She will get spoiled there with lots of treats and play time and my mom will get spoiled by having such a nice cat around. I’m not that thrilled. I miss the cat, but I admit things are quite a bit calmer around the house without her. And I get to pay more attention to my husband. But I still miss her.

I got to hang out with mom yesterday. She spoiled me rotten, taking me to the Old Port Lobster Shack. Yum! It’s the first time I’ve had lobster in ages. I had lobster bisque and a tasty salad with dried fruit and greens and a citrus dressing. Topped off with a cool glass of sauvignon blanc. Yummy Sunday dinner. Thanks mom!

Mom sent me home to Mr. G with lamb chops. Thus I had a happy husband. Especially since I played chess with him. I’m a lousy chess player and I hate losing. Hate it! Wish we had a good backgammon set. I’d play that for days.

Grenadine Girl

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