Tuesday, December 27, 2005

let's try this again

I have tried repeatedly to put photos on the site, but it's taking me forever...

Let's see if I can summerize the trip simply...

arrived in Australia
hung out at Bondi beach for an afternoon
drove to Canberra
Spent a few days with family in Canberra
Went shopping in Canberra
Flew to Brisbane
Took ferry to Moreton Island to Tangalooma Resort
Spent 5 days on island snorkeling, drinking, and swimming
took ferry back to Brisbane and spent a day with Luke's friends Russel, Rachel, Jessie and Elijah
Went shopping in Brisbane
Flew back to Canberra
Christmas Shopping Bonanza and impromptu Aussie wedding planning commences
Christmas Eve and Aussie Wedding
Christmas Day
Boxing Day (another shopping bonanza)
Got Pedicure with Tegan
Learned to Cook with Oma and Opa
Tomorrow we'll go to the CBD (Central Business District, aka "Civic") where more shopping will commence and I will have the much longed for cappucino at Gus'

Then it's off to Sydney for NYE!!!!!

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