Friday, July 01, 2005

And back to the knitting

As we speak, there is a new addition coming to the GrenadineGirl Household. Yes Mr. Grenadine and I are expecting... A NEW CAT!!!

I havent had a cat in over a decade. I'm a little concerned because I'm rescuing a cat who would otherwise be needing a home. Her name is M and she's a devon rex. This is going to be interesting because Mr. Grenadine doesn't like cats so much and apparently this cat really likes humans. She likes plenty of attention and I hope that Luke and I can provide that.

Aside from that nothin much is new. I heard from my secret pal. Please think good thoughts for her, she recently lost her job. I'm hoping that good things will happen for her, because she is so creative. I mean, just look at the amazing little packages she sent me. Most of them were made by her. She took the photos, made the postcards and the custest little stitchmarkers! She has me ready to break out my bead box again.

I also have a finished project and a project in progress to show you:

Remember that afghan that I keep talking about, but I've never shown? Well, here it is, a series of garter stitch blocks that will be sewed together. I'm using Plymouth Encore Chunky, which is very soft. The blue skeins you see in the photo will provide contrasting blocks. Eventually it's going to look like a checkboard. I'm giving it away, but it's so cozy that its not going to be easy.

I just have to block it!

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Christie said...

I'm seeing the pink tank and the pink wig...fabulous summer combo!