Monday, July 18, 2005

Too Busy for Crafting


I can't really complain the weekend was very action-packed. I went to a short film screening on Friday night followed by a late night gelato run.

Saturday my brothers and cousins came for a visit and stayed the night. It was crazy with all those people in the house AND I got my Harry Potter book which I managed to read while everyone else was playing drunken Monopoly. The Harry Potter book was finished by Sunday morning, which was riveting to say the least. I can't wait for the next book and I wonder where I will be when it comes out. When the last one came out two years ago I was living in an apartment by the bay. I can't believe that was two years ago!

Aside from finishing the Harry Potter book, I also cooked waffles for my entire family, no mean feat. Then after everyone left I took off into the city (with too much traffic) to meet my friend Lija for a screening of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Apparently its the Harry Potter Charlie Bucket weekend. By the time I got home Sunday night I was too knackered to do anything but laze around on the couch.

Anyhoo. I liked the Charlie movie, however Johnny Depp's performance was a little too Marilyn Manson. I prefer Gene Wilder. Johnny's performance took away the humanity of Wonka and just turned him into a freak. This isn't surprising considering Tim Burton's affinity for freaks, but the story isn't about a man who doesn't fit into society. The story is about family and making Wonka an all-out freak just raises questions that Wonka's background doesn't resolve. Sadly this results in a cariacature performance. All the other performances are spot-on. I fell in love with every character despite their inherent flaws and who didn't melt for Charlie's entire family? I'm already a HUGE fan of Noah Taylor's work. He was Charlie's dad in CATCF, but was also in Shine, Almost Famous, Vanilla Sky, and Tomb Raider. Please put him in more movies. He's a solid actor and nice on the eyes. I also liked Helena Bonham Carter's work. I think she even wore fake teeth. She made a charming mum.

Anyway I was too busy to craft anything so no photos...

Grenadine Girl


cecile said...

Hi Angela!
publishing a comment with "blogger" is quite an adventure! But I did it! Yep!
I just want to let you know I posted a parcel last friday... at last! Shopping and crafting are the fun part of the exchange... queuing for HOURS at the post office being the hard part. Now that I sent the monsters (I mean : the children) in Greece with theit father for 2 weeks, I have plenty of time, so watch your mailbox!!!

Christie said...

Wow! You were a busy girl. Waffles? I love waffles.