Sunday, October 30, 2005


Aren't you scared?

I am. I haven't been posting that often.

Must mean I'm busy or something.

Vancouver was maaarvelous. Went garage sale shopping and found a pair of red levi cordoroys for four Canadian dollars. Then discovered the joy that is Winner's. Winners is the Canadian equivalent to Marshalls in the states, but with a greater selection and bigger brand names. You can't help walking out of the dressing room shouting "I think we've found a winner", but that's just me being a tacky American. Found a new zippered hoodie there and a pair of leather wedge boots. Happy Happy joy joy.

Of course there was some crafting involved. My friend and I went to a quilt show of the local Vancouver quilter's guild. Very nice show with some beautiful quilts. We also found out about the Pacific Northwest Quilt show happening in August '06. Must go even if I don't qualify to submit a quilt.

Also visited a swanky store in Yaletown called The Cross, if you're in Vancouver, stop by this shop, they carry a large variety of candles, journals, French ephemera, books, and furniture, that it's impossible not to take home something special.

In knitting news I felted another flower basket bag today. Loving the Brown Sheep burlyspun for it. Good thing because I have plenty of skeins of it burning a hole in my knitting closet, I mean craft room. Hopefully I will line the bags next weekend.

Knit night at Marin Fiber Arts was another hit. Warren introduced me to a new fiber combination involving a Cascade ribbon and Crystal Palace kid mohair. He was knitting a swatch of it and I announced that it would make the perfect evening bag, so he stuffed some of it in my hands and asked me to make him one. who am I to refuse the offer of free yarn? anyhoo as soon a I finished knitting up the last flower basket bag I set about creating this sparkly wonder. No photos yet (Mr G has the camera today), but the combination is just perfect for holiday gifts and the pattern I'm creating is super easy.

Went again to MFA this afternoon to meet up with some knit night knitters and met some new people. I love knitting it is the center of my universe right now, which hopefully my husband won't find offensive. He will always be the person at the center of my universe, albeit draped in hats, scarves, socks, mittens and the random skein of yarn.

Anyhoo, I have to write some thank you cards to people. I finally used one of my massage gift certificates this weekend and it certainly made me make the most of the day.

good luck and happy knitting


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