Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Snickity Snack

I've already read about a third of the comic books and graphic novels I bought on Saturday. I've been on an icarus knitting spree for the last two weeks. And I haven't done anything on the book. Shame on me.

I need to put myself on an x-box ban until that book is sent out.

Australia's weighing heavy in my mind again. We've been making plans. There is a week-long stay at a beach condo in my future. I can almost hear the waves crashing in my sleep.

But then I start freaking out because I'm going to have to wear a bathing suit in public again. And not that I'm overweight or anything, but I'm not necessarily beach material. And the bathing suit makers do nothing to make it any easier. Most of the time they forget that women have boobs. I would pay a lot of money to find a bathing suit that supported my rack and didn't look atrocious. Perhaps instead I should hope for Bush to voluntarily leave office as that's more likely to happen.

stay tuned for my thankful list...



Adrienne said...

figleaves.com has bathing suits. I have yet to have a reason to order one from them but I understand that their return/exchange policies are awesome. I know many women who shop there for bras and suits.

Tuck said...

You shouldn't be worried about wearing a bathing suit in public!! EVER!

XBox Live? I can has Gamertag?

knitabulous said...

You know in Australia the beach is for everyone - from big migrant women in black dresses, triathletes, show ponies, salty surfers and little sandy kids. Like the hardrock cafe, Australia's beaches love all serve all.


Good on you for the book proposal.

knitabulous said...

Oh and another thing.

Google 'jets' swimwear.

Unless you perfer 'tigerlily'.

Grenadine Girl said...

Yeah I know I've always felt comfortable on Australian beaches, but then someone made the mistake of showing me a photo of me in a bathing suit on one and it kind of ruined everything for me. Suddenly the legs I thought were long and shapely were short and stubby. And my pale-ass skin was blinding people for miles.

Despite this, nothing could keep me from an Australian beach. Well, except crocs.

Yes I'm due in Oz beginning in mid-March. I'm hoping to stay there through early May. Unfortunately I will be at a wedding and will not be able to attend the March Wollongong Stitch and Bitch. I really really really want to go as it's legendary on this side of the pond.

And I definitely want to make more Australian knitter friends.... by bribing them with the promise of Knit Picks yarn!

So yeah I will be looking you up and even if I have to learn how to drive myself on the other side of the road I will make it to Wollongong.

As always thanks for commenting!