Sunday, October 31, 2004

Gonna Have to Face it I'm addicted to Craft

First there was cross stitch. Then there was beading and then quilting and now knitting. I really can't stop. I've had to move houses to contain my crafting stash. I'm trying to figure out which craft is next on the horizon, but for now quilting and knitting are taking up most of my spare time. Any suggestions?

I went to the local farmer's market today, which always inspires me because everyone there is in good spirits. The food is the freshest you can get. This week there was also a lovely granny who was selling crocheted hats and I bought one -could not resist supporting a fellow crafter. Maybe one day I'll set up shop there. I am wearing my new hat in my little photo. It's kept me quite cozy in this cold rainy weather and if I pull my hat low enough over my ears and eyes I can pretend that Bush isn't president.

Today I'm working on a knitting needle case. It's the first non-quilt related thing I've ever tried to sew and as such it's looking a little pathetic. I'll post a photo later, along with some others of my recent projects. I'm also getting some scarves started. So many projects...

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