Monday, November 01, 2004

Election Eve Jitters

A moment away from the crafting alright?

Let's just put it all out on the line. I'm a liberal democrat. I used to be a moderate, but seeing as I keep voting like a democrat I might as well accept myself for who I am. I will never want to give tax breaks to the rich, deprive women of abortions, blurry the line between church and state or allow gay people only limited rights. It's the only way that I'll be able to live with myself and sleep at night.

I just got married last month. Why should I be privileged as a straight woman to get married and a gay man or woman shouldn't? It was the most beautiful day of my life that I got to share with all of my friends and family. We are demeaning marriage by not allowing these people to legally partake in this human tradition.

I am worried about the election. I'm afraid that the legitimacy of our democratic system was put into question in 2000. I'm afraid that we're going to have just as many questions after this election -so many states are too close to call. Needless to say I'm voting for Kerry and I'm shamelessly encouraging you to do the same. Vote for a change in leadership that will invigorate our society. We need a president who recognizes the need to maintain respect throughout the world, not some Texas cowboy who has trounced on the toes of our allies and given America a bad name. Vote for a president who will make the world a better place by making the United States a better place. We can change the world by changing ourselves first. How are we ever going to make peace if we don't promote it ourselves? We need to stop playing Cowboys and Indians with third world nations and find nonviolent ways to encourage freedom. Peace, Education and Tolerance will be the only ways to ensure that terrorism decreases around the world. I believe that John Kerry understands this and that's why I'm voting for him tomorrow.

ps: When it comes to the war in Iraq. The 1,000 American Casualties upset me, but the 10,000 Iraqi casualties are atrocious. We have prosecuted a people without a trial.

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