Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Finally Real Live Crafts!

Hello Everyone,
In order to keep myself distracted from the reality of election 04 I have gone to work on getting some real live proof that I actually make crafty stuff. I don't have any knitting on site yet -digital camera isn't fully charged- erg!, but I did get some quilting stuff running.

Please excuse my poor sewing. I am a beginner but maybe this learning curve stuff actually makes my work more interesting. This is my first quilt, which I am still hand sewing.

mystic quilt

Here's a close up of the quilt. I love fabrics with suns or moons.

Mystic Baby Quilt

Then I made this Across the Universe Quilt with all moon and stars patterns. It's a HUGE quilt and it's taken forever to finish so I'm kind of over the sun moon and stars:

So then I made this freckle quilt, which is for my mother-in-law
I have much more than this, except that I have to upgrade my Flickr account, which I can't do until later.
I'll go more into detail about these quilts later this week. I hope all of you kerry fans are feeling better out there. Thank you all for your support.

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