Thursday, November 04, 2004

Site of the Day

This is for all of us who are still distressed about the outcome of the election. Moby is someone who is finding this hard to take as well and I encourage you to visit his web site to get some much needed Bushland relief:

I myself have found lots of relief in knitting. That's really the whole thing about the crafts is that it's a creative way to disconnect from the world. I can't sit still when watching television or waiting. I like to be making something. Knitting relaxes me after a long day at work. When I'm knitting, suddenly I am at peace with the world. My brain clears. It's like yoga for the hands.

This whole election thing has made me feel like I don't belong in this country. You may be feeling this too. Joan Ryan's column made a lot of sense to me today:

This UK Newspaper Headline has made my friends feel a lot better:

I didn't vote for Bush!

take care out there,

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