Saturday, November 20, 2004

Beginner Knitter Blues

I'm back.

Again with this whole multi-tasking on the crafts. I have this beautiful french themed quilt in the works, but I can't stop knitting. Even my husband is sick of the knitting, but he'll be happy since I'm actually knitting a scarf for him.

Here are some annoying lessons I have learned about knitting:

Always buy one more skein of yarn than you anticipate using. You WILL need it. I have one very special project that I can't finish because everyone has run out of the yarn I was using and I can't find an appropriate substitute. How distressing.

I am a "loose knitter", no I am not promiscuous and I don't go around using other people's yarn. I just hold the needles and the yarn a little too gently. As such, I keep inadvertantly adding stitches and on thinner yarns, losing stitches. My pal Gus gave me a few tips to remedy this and I have improved my knitting consistency.

Don't buy more yarn than you can knit. I have too many projects in quilting and beading alone and now I have a line of knitting projects cluttering my room. My New Year's resolution: do more quilting! But I think I am addicted and I can't stop. C'est la vie.

Life Status Report:

current employment: customer service rep for trendy home accessories wholesaler
marital status: married, no children
headspace: content
stomach: a little hungry
life's goal: to own a little store somewhere or to live for one year in France or both
book I'm reading: the Women of Napoleon
Movies I want to see: Neverland and Spongebob

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