Monday, November 15, 2004


So I am in the middle of the "Great Studio Clean Up" and going through all of my papers which include bills, paystubs movie tickets, magazine and newspaper clippings, Ikea furniture directions , catalogs, old correspondence... I've become paranoid about identity theft so I haven't really thrown away anything of importance. However I am going to get a SHREDDER, which should make my little room a little more palatable to creativity. Joy.

One of the little pieces of paper I found was an airplane napkin that my husband and I passed to one another on a trip to Connecticut. I found a card that I wrote to myself back in 2001, which scary as it may seem, wasn't really that long ago. This got me thinking today, where was I a year ago? Two years? Three years? Can I tell where I'm going if I look at the past??

November 2004: recently married, working in customer service, living in a rented Eichler -it's so big and it's got a fireplace (I'm finally home), favorite album: Franz Ferdinand, favorite movie: Garden State

november, 2003: applied to grad school for a writing degree (didn't get in), had just postponed my wedding, working in office assistance, favorite movie: Lost In Translation

November 2002: had just moved in with future husband, working as an ad agency receptionist (the worst job that has become my job hating barometer, if I am ever as unhappy as I was at that job, I will quit immediately, without notice) -favorite movie: Amelie, favorite album: Bjork Vespertine

November 2001: Starting my last year in college, just met my future husband who totally rocked my world and totally turned it upside down. started studying screenwriting. Met good friend Gabrielle. Got evicted from apartment with good friend Jenny. Moved into the inner richmond section of San Francisco to the biggest flat I've ever seen in my life. the living room alone was bigger than the house I live in now. Luke moved to another apartment closer to mine. Favorite movie: Ghost World, Favorite album: Basement Jaxx - Rooty

Novmber 2000: Started the downhill slide in a long term relationship, which was one of the scariest times of my life. I had attached my whole self to one person and deprived myself of key youthful experiences, which was bad for me and bad for the man I was with. You need to take the time to get to know yourself, or be with someone who will allow you that space. Favorite album: Coldplay - Parachutes

November 1999: Just came off of a high of spending a long summer hanging out in LA studying film. Met some amazing people, all foreigners. Wish we kept in better contact. Favorite album: Beth Orton - Central Reservation: Best film: Eyes Wide Shut

November 1998 - Starting working at an upscale toystore during Christmas. one of the hardest and best jobs I ever had. Taught me everything about how to deal with people at their worst.

My only regret in the last six years is that I didn't travel more.

So where will I be in the next six years? Looking over the past and remembering all of the surprises, I think I prefer to know when I get there. I'm sure I'll be sitting on a plane somewhere thinking how lucky I am and how I didn't expect to be whereever I will be.

I certainly didn't think I'd be here getting married in 2004, but here I am:

the wedding photo

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jenny jen said...

You rock in 2004! It's always good to look at the past. These are essentials for when we write our biographies when we're older, so live and learn, baby!

(You're wedding was beautiful, btw ;)