Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I have the best secret pal

I got two surprises in the mail this week. The yarn I got earlier was already fantastic and enough to make me swoon, but there was a mysterious box sitting at my doorstep last night and I opened it up. Low and behold....

There was a handbag!!!

Check out how roomy it is and it has useful little compartments for my needles (oh and it came with some clover bamboo needles in size 3)

One of those fabulous Jordana Paige handbags!!! My goodness! You are too generous and too kind! I will be taking my fantastic new bag with me to Fengari Yarns in Half Moon Bay this weekend. I love love love it. You can also see the beautiful yarn my SP sent me. I've been knitting mits from my Weekend Knitting Book:

Thank you thank you thank you secret pal!

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Nicole said...

What a cool bag!