Monday, March 14, 2005

I love knitting

Just a little update before I post some photos (maybe tonight?). I got a fabulous gift from my secret pal, a stash of hot pink Debbie Bliss Merino Wool! Yummy yummy yummy. I've already swatched it and it's gorgeous and I'm working on a pattern from the "Weekend Knitting" book my SP gave me. It's a fingerless mitt project and it's taught me a few new skills including a new cast on technique. Thank you Secret Pal!!!! You've improved my knitting and I'll have something to keep me warm next winter.

I've stopped work in the flower basket bag because I only have the other half of the basket left to do and the first half was such a trial that I want to be in the right frame of mind to tackle it.

Overall things have been going o.k. The weather is beautiful which is inspiring. We barbecued ribs last night, which were quite good considering it was our first attempt.

This week is going to be good.


Christie said...

BBQ is all good...

Grenadine Girl said...

bbq was spectacularly good. We smoked some pork ribs with a delicious mop sauce. Tasty tasty tasty. A hint of what's to come this summer!