Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I Confess I'm on the Dancefloor

I am totally obsessed with Madonna's new album. That first song Hung Up snagged me. I saw the video and that pretty much nailed it. I can't get the song out of my head, and for once that's a good thing. Maybe it's because Hung Up is now the new ringtone on my cell phone. it's good to see ol' Madgie reconnecting with her disco side. Oddly enough it makes me feel like a zygote again since that was the closest I ever got to disco.

Speaking of in utero musical exposure, I remember two songs from my childhood. The first one is Rhiannon from Fleetwood Mac. It was constantly on the radio. The second one is the theme song from the Young and the Restless, which always used to creep me out. Apparently my mom used to watch it when I was knee high to a grasshopper. I was once an avid Y and R watcher and I think that my early exposure the the theme song had something to do with it. And I betcha CBS does that on purpose...

Life's been good to me lately which is probably why I haven't been blogging too much. I have a new car pool buddy, which has improved my quality of life tremendously. It's great to have someone my age and on the same page as me to hang out with to and from work. And it helps that she's totally nice and a sweeheart. It makes me feel like I have a regular everyday social life. Isn't it funny how people just magically appear in your life?

Oh yes, about special people, my pal Cecile from SP4 sent me a surprise package. je l'adore!!!!! C'est magnifique avec le Marie Claire Idees et le stylo rose, et les laines roses. Elle savent bien les choses que j'aime. Merci Merci Merci!
Et j'espere que je voyagerai a Paris. Peut-etre tu viendra a San Francisco? Le vol n'est pas trop cher!

I am currently suffering from too many project syndrome. Where I have so many things I have to make -especially with Christmas on its way- that no matter what I'm working on I feel guilty that I'm not working on something else. Fortunatly the knitting project I'm doing now is satisfying enough to ignore that. I'm doing the Besotted Scarf from Hello Yarn. I highly recommend it as a beginning cable project. I had the pattern memorized by the second repeat. Hello Yarn also has some awesome sock patterns, and some sweater patterns to dye for. Not to mention her own line of hand dyed yarns. Somebody give this woman a book deal! That's how much I love her patterns. Anyhoo I'm making the scarf for my husband in Goddess Yarn's Ellen which is a wool and cotton mix (in the navy blue) and it's a dream to work with. I've been enjoying it tremendously. A good project for in front of the tv.

Speaking of TV. Mr. G and I are heavily engrossed in the Firefly dvd from season 1. I wish this show was still on tv. Please please please. Its the best tv dvd I've watched all year, ok almost, it comes a close second to the Forsyte Saga from PBS. But in Sci Fi land, it's #1.

So this weekend I'm having a crafty party for the ladies. I've invited my closest female friends for some soup, a fire in front of the fireplace and BBC's 1996 version of Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth!!!!!!!!! Oh and some crafting as well. I'm pulling a full Martha Stewart. There will be massive cleaning, fancy glasses, fancy punch, food preparation the night before. I'm kind of excited about that. I love being a hostess.

Back to the projects. I'm almost finished with two flower basket bags. I just have to put together the linings....

anyhoo that's the round up. Hope you're all doing well.

La Fille Grenadine

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Adrienne said...

I admit it - I'm jealous of the party I can't attend, your skill with French ... and maybe even the carpool. Maybe some day soon I can join it ;)