Saturday, November 26, 2005

pas de titre

Happy long weekend everyone

I can't believe tomorrow is Sunday. Why don't I feel totally relaxed? Perhaps I need to take a bath. That sounds nice. It's freaking cold now and the heater isn't very efficient. The cat in fact remains in the kitchen, sleeping on the hot spot in the floor where the heater actually works. Meanwhile I'm bundled up in a scarf, knitting socks and a hat. I'm thisclose to putting on some mits.

Thank god I'm going to Australia in a few weeks. Oh. Did I forget to mention that? Yes friends I will be spending this Christmas in the land down undah. Mr. G is an Aussie and we will be visiting his friends and family. It's coming upon summer in the land of Oz which means that I will be spending a lot of time on the beach. Hopefully my pale skin won't get burnt to a crisp. SPF 50 should do the trick. Of course there will be heaps of photos to share.

Last week I had a bunch of friends over for knitting and Colin Firth, I mean Pride and Prejudice. I made a pot of lentil soup a la Martha Stewart and 9 ladies of all ages gathered around the tube with their various knitting projects. Rachel has a beeeauutiful green thick and thin yarn with which she is making a scarf. Sara swung by Marin Fiber Arts and got herself some teal Amalie by Muench and started making a neck scarf. It was gorgeous to see it just in garter stitch. Jessica brought some multicolored wool to make a hat. My mom's been working on a green poncho. She's the kind of lady who looks good in ponchos. Moriah was working on her first scarf. She aspires to make the wavy scarf from knitty. Colleen brought her wedding photos to sort out (ok that's not knitting, but it wasn't strictly a knitting party it was a crafting party -everyone enjoyed checking out the photos nonetheless). Morah brought her grandma Bobbi who brought her sewing. And my cousin Liz came for the Colin Firth, I mean Pride and Prejudice. It was fabulous having everyone over. I'm going to have another party as soon as I get back from Oz.

Thanksgiving was good. Simple with family and friends. Delicious food. Relaxing. Spent the day after with my family watching Firefly episodes. Why oh why won't they put that back on tv? Hello Sci Fi channel? Put this show on!!!! Sci fi doesn't NEED aliens. They need another good space western. Sigh. Now I have the Firefly theme song in my head...

Ok but now I'm going to have Fiona Apple in my head because I went to the concert last night. It hurt. Amazing seeing her sing in person, putting the emotion and power into a live performance that her songs require. Worth every penny. She played all of my favorite songs. She seems so small in person, making her voice all the more amazing. If you love the new album or have always been a fan, make it a point to see the show. It was worth all the pain and suffering I had to endure from my brothers and husband about the stigma attached to being a Fiona fan. Why can't some men see past her slight craziness (which I find to be appealing) and give her respect for her awesome voice and stellar songs. Sigh. again.

I'm feeling guilty right now b/c I was unable to make it to my friend Warren's knit for her cure event today. I got caught up in other activities unfortunately, but I will be visiting him at the store tomorrow, with the handbag I've been working on for him. I just have to get around to actually attaching the lining to the bag. I just don't want to mess it up, so I'm avoiding it.

Well the cat has emerged from the kitchen to hide under our new side table. She must have found another warm spot in the floor. And now my fingers are freezing so I'm going to throw on a pair of mittens.

Hope you're all having a good weekend and I'll see you soon.


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