Sunday, October 01, 2006


Is one of my favorite months. the name has such a nice ring to it. Oc-to-ber. Hmmm. just the words rolling off my tongue reminds me of falling leaves and roaring fires.

I celebrated the beginning of this favored month by doing something I do best. Knitting by the TV. Today was Battlestar Galactica dvd marathon day. And I got a lot of a second sock done and if I work wee into the night I might finish a clapotis. Always a good way to start the month. Finish a project. Oh and pay some bills.

Also watched the old version of Dune on cable. V. entertaining. Totally didn't realize that Virginia Madsen* has a bit part as Princess someone or other, a character who in the movie has no real importance, but who is muey importante in the book. Still. I didn't realize how far back her career went. Keep that in the back of your mind for that random pub quiz.


*recently of Sideways fame.

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