Sunday, October 22, 2006

some things never change.

This weekend I went to my parents house for a little relaxation. Mainly because it's nice to be taken care of by my mom. :)

Last night I hung out by the tv and she made a yummy dinner. My brother lent me the next couple of trades of Transmet. I've already read one and I burst out laughing, just at the Patrick Stewart foreward.

Then today mom cooked me breakfast (scrambled eggs and waffles!) while I read the Sunday paper. And we went to Target where I stocked up on some winter clothes and skin care stuff.

It wouldn't be a weekend with mom if we didn't go to a yarn store. This time we checked out Nine Rubies, a new store in San Mateo. Gorgeous. Knowledgeable staff, tangeable knitting community. Beautiful displays and yarns that my LYS doesn't carry. They were super friendly and even insistant to check out the blog. So hello to them if they're reading.

So if you're in the Penninsula go to Nine Rubies on Third Street near El Camino and check it out.



Polly said...

Did you get any new yarn??

Grenadine Girl said...

I got some yarn for my secret pal : )