Tuesday, June 26, 2007

2 Lists

Of things I'd like to do before I turn 30.

Go on an overseas trip on my own, to visit a knitting/needlearts show.
Go to Europe
publish a book
read Leaves of Grass
hike 10 trails around the Bay Area
Knit Mr. G a sweater
Learn my camera
Go on a road trip
get a bike
Go to all four SF art museums
Go to Hawaii (or somewhere tropical with a beach)
Rent a barge to navigate a river in France stopping for wine and cheese along the way.
Exercise enough to get into bikini shape.
Go to a film festival.
Watch more movies at the Rafael.

Things I've already done:
gone to Japan
been to Australia twice,
gambled in Vegas,
spent New Year's Eve in a foreign country
learned to knit,
graduated university,
applied to grad school (and failed)
got married
dyed my hair bright pink
went to some awesome shows(radiohead 2001, area one festival 2001, Coldplay 2001 and 2002, U2 2001, Mark Knopfler 2005, Fiona Apple 2005, Scissor Sisters 2006)
learned to play dnd
been to Paris (but so long ago I need to go again)
got my heart broken,
broke a heart
fell in love
voted in a presidential election (for the wrong person and not Bush)
been to New York

things have changed for me in recent days and my head is somewhere new.
It's important to look back and look forward to see where you're going.

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