Monday, June 11, 2007


Still in LA. Going home today. Can't wait to get home. I've got a bunch of work to do and this is my last week as an officially unemployed person.

LA was fun. My cousins were in town, my brother lives here and we went to see Knocked Up at the famous Chinese theatre in Hollywood. And I got to visit my brother's two supercute chihuahuas. I like the idea of having a dog, but in reality I prefer the freedom of not having to worry about pets when I go out of town. And I'm not sure that a dog won't totally ruin my yarn stash.

The good news is that I finished a pair of socks this weekend. And of course I started a second sock within 24 hours of finishing the last one.

Oh and we watched 300 on the hotel tv. Lame!!!!!!!!! Pecs a movie doesn't make.


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