Sunday, February 27, 2005

Life Roundup

Hello and welcome to Moviephone (tm)

I finally got to see a movie in the cinema for the first time in ages. I saw The Aviator, which I quite enjoyed. Seeing as I just watched the Oscars(tm) I truly believe that each of the cinematography, editting, art direction etc awards were truly deserved. It was an entertaining movie on all of those levels and the performances were very interesting to watch. Considering how much I dislike Leonardo DiCaprio I was suprised that I enjoyed his performance in the film. It's truly a pity that Scorsese didn't win this year, but hopefully he will make another film and win next time. He truly deserves it.

I've been a knitting fool working on this flower basket thing and the only reason I haven't put photos up is that I know i've made a basket full of mistakes on the damned thing and seeing everybody else's superb efforts makes me a bit ashamed to display my own. But I will eventually get over that and post pictures this week.

My new year's resolutions have gone down the tubes for reasons that I can't quite understand at this point. It doesn't look like Luke and I will be visiting Europe. Eventhough my credit card's paid off, all of a sudden I have student loans to deal with, I haven't even though about my screenplay and exercising has become an intermittent distraction. sigh. i need to get back up off my ass and recommit myself. Oddly enough though I am content.

Thank you blogger world for giving me the platform where I can speak boldly and nakedly, though I don't know anyone who actually reads this silly self indulgent thing that I love dearly. Thanks for listening. Will be back soon.

much love
La Grenadine.

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