Sunday, February 20, 2005

There's Nothing Wrong With You...

Hi There,

Earlier in the week, in fact on Valentine's day, I went with my husband to see one of his favorite singer songwriters perform, Neil Finn. He played along with his brother Tim, both formally of the New Zealand band Crowded House (perhaps you remember the 80's love anthem "Don't Dream It's Over"). My husband turned me onto the band and I'm imploring you to discover their beautiful music. These guys are the same age as my parents (my god!) and they made music in the 70's (as split enz) and 80's (as crowded house) that remains relevent to this very day. I heard a rumor that Paul McCartney himself proclaimed that if he were a modern day rock star that he would be Neil Finn. Their music is honest and genuine and comes from the heart. It hurts to listen to, but brings a smile to my face at the same time.

My favorite Finn Brothers related songs:
1) Six Months in A Leaky Boat
2) One Step Ahead of You
3) Message to My girl
4) Don't dream it's over
5) Distant Sun
6) Always Take the Weather With You
7) Better Be Home Soon
8) Won't Give In
9) Disembodied Voices
10) Driving Me Mad

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