Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fast Times

No one ever told me how fast time would fly the older you get. I can't believe it's already August. The Mr. and I have been married for almost a year. Shock....

This summer has been more busy that I had anticipated. I didn't realize I had so many friends. I don't have time to call anybody forget about seeing anyone. Part of the problem is that its been so busy at work. There have been so many changes and it's just worn me out adjusting to everything, plus I worked part of the weekend and went out.. so not so much time for crafting, which sucks b/c I absolutely need to get this quilt done.

I guess I'm just surprised. I've made a bunch of new friends and some old ones have come out of the woodwork. Am I just antisocial? Am I using crafts to be antisocial? Its true the quilt is requiring quite a bit of my time, maybe I'll be more sociable after the quilt is finished.

Has anyone else's relationships suffered because of crafting? I've found that it's brought people together more than kept them apart. Its not the crafting, its the working... I'm still a college student at heart, wishing I could laze around between classes.

Aren't we all?


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Sedie said...

you are not alone in your antisocial tendencies. I too have experienced the desire to craft rather than see other. . . fight it, soon it will bring you closer rather than further. . . yes, I suppose we are all longing for the carefree life of the college student (without the studying of course;)