Friday, January 26, 2007

Because I'm Big in Japan

yep soon I'll be going to the land of Japan for my brother's second wedding. It's all a little intimidating, so much to plan and organize. I need to learn some phrases in Japanese, like "where is the nearest yarn shop?" Or, "do you carry sock yarn?"

As such I've been reading up quite a bit on the local customs and came across this, on the website:

Packing Tip 4: Shoes

Since it's a Japanese custom to take off your shoes indoors, you might have to take off your shoes often in Japan. Bringing a pair of shoes that you can slip off and on easily might be convenient. Make sure to bring, and wear, a nice pair of socks or pantyhose to avoid any embarrassment when you take off your shoes.

I don't think a nice pair of socks will be a problem do you?


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Agnes said...

Socks? I don't think you have problem with that, right? Wish you a wonderful weekend ... and a wonderful trip later.