Saturday, January 06, 2007

The New Movie Habit

Still catching up on movies.

We watched Superman Returns, which was much better than expected. Superman was always too much of a goody goody for me. If he was a dnd class he would be a paladin, no doubt and I prefer rogues and bards.

Friends With Money was excellent. I enjoyed the simple quiet of it, the portrayals of different kinds of depression. One of the best character pieces of the whole year. I really do lean towards ensemble character pieces. It's in my top ten of 2006, which I will fully flesh out by early February.

but so far my favorites are:

Friends with Money
The Prestige

That means I have to find another 7 movies to add and most of the good ones aren't on dvd yet.

Ugg guess this means I'll have to actually go to the movie theatre. Or we'll end up with my best of '06 list in '08.


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