Sunday, January 14, 2007

In Recovery

Must. Get. Rest.

No. More. Yarn.

I'm yarned out. I just got back from TNNA, the wholesale needlearts tradeshow, where I worked the booth for the Fabulous Yarn Company. Unlike my previous foray I spent the most of the time setting up and working the booth, which was great. However it required a lot more energy and hard work and I'm exhausted and need to recharge. But it was great to get to know my employers and coworkers better. And I got to visit some fabulous restaurants and cafes. It was a mini work break.

This was my first time to San Diego and it is a beautiful city. So well spaced out in relation to the ocean. It felt so light and airy -quite welcoming. The restaurants are just as charming.

Across from the convention center is Tin Fish, a seafood restaurant with some tasty crab cakes. The fish tacos were huge and yummy -the American version of the real thing. Usually when I order from a taqueria you get two small tacos, Tin Fish's is more likea Fish Burrito. The staff was friendly even if the atmosphere was a bit lacking. More like seafood restaurant meets airport bar, but considering it's proximity to both a ball park and a convention center it still exceeds expectations.

We stayed at the Horton Grand Hotel, an old haunted Victorian Hotel where Wyatt Earp once stayed. The accomodations were comfortable and cute. It reminded me of where Mr. G and I got married.

After setting up the show we went for dinner at the Dublin Square which is one of the best Irish Pubs outside of Ireland that I have ever been to. It was cozy having a dinner next to the fireplace on two couches and a coffee table. The music was loud enough to be recognizable and provided good conversation. I was still a little full from the seafood so I kept dinner light with a bowl of tomato basil soup and a dinner salad, which were both yummy and flavorful. Everyone shared their dinners so I also got a taste of the Guinness braised beef, which melted in my mouth with a taste of gorgonzola cheese.

mmmm. Gorgonzola.

And the fish and chips were crispy and we didn't have to ask for the malt vinegar.

The next morning the hotel clerk directed me to Cafe 222 for breakfast, which is just down the street from the Horton. The staff were super friendly, evenmoreso than at Tin Fish. They commented on my hat and scarf and even better they were quick to refill my coffee. The decor was supercute. Check out the photos

I like the lighting

check out the cups and saucers!

I ordered the Eggs Italia, very satisfying. Toasted foccacia with herbed scrambled eggs and creme fraiche and spicey home potatoes. Wish I could get that a little closer to home.

The complimented hat and scarf. Pardon the expression. It was cold.

A little more of the atmosphere.

San Diego is a rockin' place. Don't tell anyone but I like it almost as much as I like San Francisco. Maybe even more. The restaurants are remarkably more welcoming.

But I need to rest.

and maybe knit.


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badmommy said...

Thank you for the tips on Tin Fish and Cafe 222. We tried - and liked! - them both. You are my food guru from here on out!