Monday, June 13, 2005

Photo Bonanza

Here is a photo summary of the last two weeks, mainly birthday celebrations. A special prize for who can tell me the name of the man with the funny shirt:

The Margarita Moviefest 2005:

Before Margaritas:

After Margaritas:

Sausalito Madness:

I'm exhausted just remembering all of it. Hmmm one of these days I'll actually post some knitting photos. Oh and my secret pal sent me a loverly package. So adorable and all hand made stuff -some stitch markers and handmade postcards featuring 70's and 80's era Wonderwoman... I'm a happy knitter.

peace out.

grenadine girl


Christie said...

Chairman Kaga! Is the mystery ingredient lemon or salt? Musta been tequila.

Jenn said...

Damn it! I KNEW who he was too. I hatw that show but I can't turn it off when it's on!

BeccaU said...

Yep, Chairman Kaga! When I was in grad school, my roomie was from Japan. She and her friends filled me in to the information that he is a very famous actor in Japan - I guess equivalent to a Broadway star stateside. :)