Sunday, June 26, 2005

Vodka, Always a Painful Encounter

Last night was the big "what the" party and I took the opportunity to dress up. I will post a picture later, but imagine if you will a short dress, platform mary janes, and a huge pink wig and a tiara. I kept my distance from the Castro as I didn't want to upstage any drag queens because I looked fabulous.

Of course, no one else took the opportunity to put themselves in such crazy getup so I was the only one looking so out-of-this-world, which for some people would be uncomfortable, but for me I just felt sorry for those who didn't have the balls to revel in the unusual. Of course I am married and I will take any opportunity to revert to my crazy dance club girl behavior, even if only temporarily.

Needless to say my naughty behavior included drinking multple cosmos and lemondrops so I'm hurtin' a bit today.

Ouch. The price you pay to party.

Grenadine Girl


Jenn said...

I miss the days of living in the bay area....and being able to go to the city at the drop of a hat....sometimes I long for thoes pre-kiddo day's :-)

Christie said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! A hang-over is worth it, if you had a good time!