Tuesday, April 18, 2006

All you can do is laugh

So this smog situation is bad. I went to have the car retested to see if it would pass. Not only did it fail, but the radiator cracked before my very eyes during the test. It is so not worth getting the car fixed. I can either spend $1200 replacing the radiator, the front right tire cap, and having additional smog work, or I can retire the car and the state will pay me $1000.

When in doubt, take the path of least resistance. I'll be saying au revoir to my 1987 Honda Accord.

The bad news is that I am now without a car. In French the term is sans voiture, which I think sounds more romantic.

Getting to and from work isn't a problem b/c I belong to a car pool who will generously tote me to and from work for a small fee.

The bad news is that a car pool for knit night does not exist. So if any of you Marin Fiber Arts friends could offer me a ride, I would be very grateful.

Usually something like this would really get my goat, but all I can do is laugh.

I'm still knitting my socks which I need to finish ASAP. Hopefully they'll be done by the weekend.

Bonne Semaine a tous



Adrienne said...

All you *can* do is laugh. It's so truly unbelieveable. Hang in there.

badmommy said...

It's no problem to swing by on Thursday nights and pick you up - it even helps me to get there closer to on time - just let me know when you need/want a ride!