Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Time for a Change

Just last week I was inspired by my government that had chosen to give hard working migrants the opportunity at citizenship. This week I am just as inspired by the thousands of people protesting in the street, demanding to be heard. I don't care that these people are illegal. They are humans pursuing the American dream. They come because we are a great country. We offer opportunities and we have a glorious history. To deny working aliens the chance at citizenship, regardless of whether they're married to an American, related to an American or if they pay outrageous fees to the CIS(formally the INS), is a crime against humanity that marginalizes a primarily poor and disadvantaged population. We need to legitimize their contribution to American society. Offering these people affordable ways to pursue the American dream will allow the government to more closely oversee exactly who's coming through our borders, more effectively enforce those who are here illegally.

Anyone who wants to work in America and can have a job should be allowed to be here so long as they remain a law abiding citizen.


Power to the people


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Christie said...

I agree...people first came here to make a better way for their families back home...that's just what these folks are doing. And I certainly don't see many people clamoring for a job picking strawberries or doing hard manual labor.